How to Connect on Social Media: @RickiLake Shares Her #1 Tip

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Social media has changed the world forever. In just 140 characters or an update to your Facebook status, you have the potential to connect with a complete stranger in the same town or across the globe. In an instant, Friendships are being formed. Business is taking place. People are connecting. And the world will never be the same. But it isn’t that easy… Many people are standing on the sidelines of social media, unsure of how to jump … [Read more...]

My Unique Interview on The Top Ten Blog


Twitter is a great place to meet interesting people. One of these people is my good Twitter friend, Tony Hastings. Tony is the owner of the popular The Top Ten Blog. On this blog you will find Top Twitter People lists, amazing guest articles on all sorts of topics, and unique and fun interviews with interesting Twitter personalities as a way of helping you get to know the person behind the tweet. This week, I am honored to be the subject of the … [Read more...]

14 Art Business Tips from the Top Pros on Twitter


Twitter is a treasure trove filled with a bounty of knowledge from any niche including art - you just need to know where to find it and start digging! I sent out a 'tweet'  to some of the most respected art business stars on Twitter. This is what I asked, "will u share an art biz tip in 140 characters 4 an upcoming twitter art star post. u can add a link if u want & i'll link 2 u" I got a great response from the art business pros on … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Image & Following

With the popularity of the new guest article I wrote, Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Image & Following for The Top 10 Blog, (it's even been re-published on the popular blog, I thought I better share it with my own readers! In the article below, see if you are putting your best tweet forward. Do you measure up to these 10 tips for brushing up your Twitter image and following? Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Twitter … [Read more...]

Straight Talk about Social Media with Lori McNee


The other day I spoke about the benefits of and how to use social media, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for the artist. I addressed over 200 people attending the Western States Arts Federation ZAPP Conference which was help in St. Louis, Missouri. Because of modern conveniences, I was able to address this crowd from the comfort of my own home via Skype! I recorded this 9 minute interview and thought it might be of interest to my … [Read more...]




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