Clean PaintBrushes With This Quick Tip

artist paint brushes

Keeping our paintbrushes in good working condition is not only important to the artist's productivity in the studio, but it is also important to the artist's pocketbook! Paintbrushes are expensive. Nevertheless, sometimes we get rushed, or even lazy, and the end up with 'hard to clean' paint brushes.  Below is a quick tip to cleaning hardened acrylic paint from your brushes. I plan to give this one a try... ~Lori ***** Clean Paintbrushes … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right PaintBrush for the Art Technique

artist paint brushes

A carpenter must understand how to use his or her own tools in order to build a house, so must an artist know how to use his or her tools to paint a successful painting. At first, knowing how to choose the right art paintbrush is a daunting task. When I first began painting, I underestimated the importantance of choosing the right paintbrush. This article will focus on the tuft 'shape' of the paint brush and how it corresponds to each … [Read more...]




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