6 Great Art Blogs For Those Addicted To Learning

I’m addicted to learning. I grew up in a household where education is extremely important and success was achieved by studying and working hard at whatever you desire. This mentality has stuck with me all of my life. So, in my journey to become a good artist, I have to find resources, and art blogs for learning. So, what do I look for in a art blog? Several things: Excellent artwork. Interesting ideas that I can adapt with [...]

Let Me Introduce You To My Friend Marketing

"Marketing" is an intimidating word for many visual artists. Marketing probably finishes in a close 2nd behind "selling" as one of the least favored pastimes for any painter, sculpter, or potter. In all honesty, "anything" that draws creatives away from their artistic process is often viewed as utterly contemptible. Am I exaggerating? Perhaps, but perhaps not... There are other artists who view marketing and selling as necessary evils in today's economy.  Although they don't like this aspect of [...]

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Branding Tips For Artists with @LoriMcNeeArtist and @LoriMoreno

Recently, I had a great time tweeting the Emmys in Studio City at CBS in the OMG Insider studio. After our 'tweetup' Lori Moreno, aka @LoriMoreno on Twitter,  interviewed me for her blog. She asked me to share some of my branding tips for artists. As many of you know, I love Twitter and social media in general. Over the past 5 years, social media has enhanced my art career and literally changed my life. In fact, that's [...]

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The Relationship Between The Housing Market And Art Sales

Did you know there is a close relationship between the housing market and art sales?  It might seem obvious, but many artists seem to overlook this fact: artists need new homes to be built and existing homes to be sold so there will be blank 'walls' on the market to hang art! For nearly 30 years I have lived in a resort community where I have witnessed the synergy between the housing market and art sales. But, none as [...]

Tips For Marketing To Strangers While Painting en Plein Air

Artists who work en plein air must deal with natural and self-imposed burdens every time we go out to paint - including the possibility of marketing to strangers. We load our packs (paints, thinner, brushes, palette, canvas panel, towels, garbage bags, clamps, bungee cords, sunscreen, hat, collapsible umbrella, water and power bars) carry our easels, set up and stand for hours at a time. We are at the mercy of the weather, the land and the ever-changing [...]

Helpful Books for Artists And Photographers

Along with my painting, I love to write. So it is a pleasure to be writing books again this year for the Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market and the Photographer's Market 2013 editions published by North Light Books! These books are filled with valuable information. For 38 years, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and the Photographer’s Market have been a top resource for artist’s, illustrators, designers, cartoonists and photographers looking to establish their artistic careers. Learn how to get [...]

The Differences Between Marketing & Branding Quickly Explained

Marketing and Branding are two important words that are often used interchangeably. Both small and large businesses frequently misunderstand their differences. Understanding the differences between the two can help you improve the potential of your business. In the post below Tiger Woods is used as an example, but you could easily substitute his brand for that of Arnold Schwarzenegger's, well you get the picture... Guest author/artist: John R. Math  Many people and businesses get marketing and branding mixed up. They are confused as [...]

Create a Niche Market for Your Art in a Sea of Artists

My Twitter friend, professional maritime artist, Annie Strack explains how to 'create a niche market for your art in a sea of artists' in the article below.  I hope you enjoy learning how Annie found a unique audience for her beautiful art and how you can too. Create a Niche Market for Your Art in a Sea of Artists By Guest Artist/Author: Annie Strack Niche marketing, I had an early start at it. When I was a [...]

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Inbound or Outbound: Which Direction is Your Art Marketing Going?

So . . . you are an artist, craftsperson or creative entrepreneur with work that you’d like to sell. OK, that’s great. Now you want to do some marketing. But which direction is your marketing going, inbound or outbound, and how do you know the difference? Inbound vs. Outbound Outbound Marketing: Interrupts people during their lives and says “look at me, listen to me”. Outbound marketing is old school (think advertising in magazines, newspapers, TV, junk mail, [...]

The Art of Self-promotion for Visual Artists & Creatives

Without marketing and self-promotion what you have is a pleasant hobby. The following article is about self-promotion for visual artists however, nearly all of what is offered would work for any creative person seeking to market themselves. The valuable suggestions here are offered to help artists and creatives improve the art of self-promotion. This is the last article in our popular collaborative series of blog posts that art marketing and publishing expert, Barney Davey and I have [...]