Monday’s Motivation: Three Things Needed To Succeed In Life

We can learn valuable lessons from our fellow artists who have achieved great success. I chose this quote for Monday's Motivation because I totally agree with Reba! I will explain below... Three Things To Succeed In Life: A Wishbone Cinderella said it best, "A dream is a wish our heart makes.".  Cinderella is referring to a metaphorical sense of desires that can, as the lyric promises, "come true".  In this quote, I believe Reba is equating a wishbone to [...]

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Happiness, Health & Gratitude

Did you know there is a direct relationship between happiness, health and gratitude? Gratitude has a positive, measurable effect on your happiness and health. "Gratitude simply consists of being happy with what we already have instead of always focusing on what we don't have." A grateful heart is a healthier heart. Researchers at the University of Connecticut found that gratitude can even have a protective effect against heart attacks. Also, according to, regular practice of gratitude can change [...]

Understanding The Health Standards of Your Art Materials

Do you understand the health standards of your art materials or know the meaning of ASTM 4236 on your tube of paint? ASTM International, formerly known as The American Society for Testing and Materials, is a large body made of volunteers that gather together twice a year to create quality standards for numerous consumer products. For the art material industry, the subcommittee, is notated as “ASTM D01.57” and is part of the paint and coatings committee, which [...]

Creating an Earth-Friendly & Healthy Art Studio

Daisy Gazing ©2011 Joanie Springer Looking for a healthier lifestyle, I made the move from Southern California to the Rocky Mountains of Idaho over 25 years ago. However, until recently I did not know that the air pollution in my art studio and home may be more of a health concern than the air pollution outside! According to a number of national organizations, including the American Lung Association, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the [...]

Go ‘Green Clean’ – Purify the Air in Your Studio or Office with Houseplants!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air quality is often up to 10 times worse than what's outside - and our studios are even worse than that - but, houseplants can help! Did you know that houseplants can actually benefit our lives and help keep it green? For only pennies a day, houseplants will help beautify, purify and renew your stuffy studio, office or home by filtering out toxins, pollutants and the carbon dioxide we exhale and replaces them [...]