15 Books to Spark Your Creative Inspiration

Most all artistic people have experienced the dreaded feeling of looking at a blank canvas or computer screen while waiting for creative inspiration to spark. At times, creativity can be elusive. Nevertheless, contrary to popular opinion, creativity can be honed with effort and consistency. It's helpful to set aside time for yourself to focus on honing your creativity, add it to your schedule. You should also know when to take a step back. Explore new mediums. Step [...]

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Ways to Fix the Dreaded Curse of Artist’s Block

Artist's block, we all suffer from it from time to time. This old "Far Side" cartoon by Gary Larson has always been a favorite of mine. Ironically, the talented cartoonist dreaded artist's block of his own, and retired the 'Far Side' cartoon series back in 1995 because he feared he was starting to be repetitive and wanted to avoid becoming a declining cartoonist. Here are a few ideas to help you fix the dreaded curse of artist's block! [...]

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5 Unique Ways To Brainstorm Out of A Creative Rut

Whether you are a writer, a painter or a creative person of any sort, there’s nothing more intimidating than staring at a blank canvas. At times, it feels daunting and can even cause anxiety. After all, a step in any direction is the first step down a creative pathway... ...and what if it’s the wrong path? This fear of the unknown tends to guide us into safer waters. The familiar feels non-threatening and sometimes, it just feels [...]

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10 Ways to Overcome Mental Blocks & Boost Creativity

The need to create is a shared desire among artists, writers, musicians and even bloggers. But, sometimes we creatives hit a mental block and often find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed and unable to produce original ideas. This happens to me from time to time, so I compiled a list of my proven ways to overcome mental blocks & boost creativity. 1. Set Aside a Time & Place to Create: This may seem obvious, but many creative people have busy lives and find themselves [...]

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