8 Reasons Why Artists Should Join Google Plus

Many of us are overwhelmed by the number of 'must have' social networks that keep cropping up on the Internet. Yes even I, the big social media proponent for artists, have been feeling this way. I am already managing two blogs, a strong Twitter profile, a Facebook Fan Page , YouTube channel, and Stumblupon account while juggling my art career and family. So, I  actually felt a sense of trepidation last week when I joined the newest social [...]

5 Savvy Tips for Selling Your Artwork

My friends at Meylah.com have shared many popular guest articles on the business of art, blogging and selling your artwork. I hope you enjoy this savvy little post. 5 Tips for Selling Your Artwork Guest author: Courtney Dirks of Meylah Making the decision to sell your artwork is part of the natural progression of shifting from just a painter to a committed artist and savvy business owner. Getting started can be tough so here are 5 sales tips for you to [...]

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Demystifying Social Media for Artists

Okay, let me say this right off: there is no social-media magic bullet. None. I know, because I spent months trying to find one. A word of introduction: "I've been using social media in its various forms for more than a decade, but it's only in the past year and a half that I really stepped up my efforts. The results couldn't be more obvious - sales and commissions are up by close to 300%." ~Bret Taylor [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Art Brand & Marketing Expert, Maria Brophy

Many of you know Maria Brophy from her informative art licensing and marketing tips she shares on Twitter and Facebook. A woman after my own heart, Maria is a true California Girl. Maria balances a busy Southern California life as a mom, blogger and as the agent and brand manager for her surf-lifestyle-artist husband. I really enjoyed chatting with Maria, she is one busy lady! The #PowerArtists series is lucky Maria was able to take time out of her demanding [...]

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10 Important Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know: Part 1

There are some very important things that aspiring artists should know before they try and make it as a professional. Just because you have the creative ability to mold perception and shape moods using color, light, and sound, doesn’t mean you have what it takes to make it as an artist. In fact, being creative and being talented is rarely very lucrative. Being a professional artist is as much about tenacity as it is about talent. It takes [...]

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