Blogging & Social Media: Does it Steal an Artist’s Mystery?

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On Twitter I shared a popular post, Should Artists Have Their Own Blogs? According to, this topic sparked 108 shares on Twitter, however this interesting tweet caught my eye. I retweeted and commented to his response, and then I decided to ask my loyal Facebook friends on my Fine Art Tips fan page for their thoughts. I asked, "What do you think? Do you think blogging steals the mystery of an artist? If so, how do we promote … [Read more...]

Is Blogging Dead for Artists?

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Is blogging dead for artists? Nowadays, so many artists are using sites like Facebook and Google Plus or even Twitter for their micro blogging, and art promotion. Lately, there is a lot buzz going around that blogging is dying. I disagree. Why? With social sites, you do not control any of the content that has been shared on your accounts. You do not have control over the look and layout, plus you cannot manage the comments. Blogging on … [Read more...]

A Customized Storefront Blog for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs


Over the past few weeks, I have posted some useful articles geared toward teaching the basics of blogging for the artist and creative entrepreneur. My good friend and popular guest blogger, Jason Dirks of Meylah is the owner of a wonderful and eye pleasing new online blogging platform designed for artists, handmade crafters and photographers, etc. If you are considering starting a new blog and improving your art/craft income, please check this … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Webmaster for Your Art Business

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By guest author/webmaster: Cory Glauner As an artist and business owner, you have a million different things to do. You don’t have time to learn everything you need to know about maintaining and promoting your website. You need to stick to what makes you money, and that's where a webmaster comes in. Webmasters specialize in the upkeep, updating, and other elements of keeping your website maintained once it is built and published. Your site … [Read more...]




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