Painting with Acrylics – The Mystery Explained!

Red Velvet - Joanne

Have you ever thought about trying your hand at painting, or wondered if acrylics might be the right medium for you? Well, let me encourage you to pick up a paint brush and give them a try! Here are a few reasons why: Acrylics are probably THE most versatile of paints. If you add water to them, you can achieve watercolor effects on paper, but with the permanence of acrylics or oils. (They do not lift off after they dry.) You can paint on … [Read more...]

The History and Importance of North Light in Your Art Studio


For centuries, artists have understood the benefits of painting with north light which has helped produce some of the greatest paintings in history. We have all heard that north facing windows are optimum for an artist’s studio, but why? North Light: North light, commonly known as reflected light or indirect light, produces cool and controlled value shifts. With a north light window the artist does not have to dread the effects of sun … [Read more...]

My Featured Painting – “Jeweled Visitors”

Jeweled Visitors 36x24 600px

  ~Jeweled Visitors~ by Lori McNee Jeweled Visitors 36×24 oil/board $4800 Available at Kneeland Gallery This painting was created for the invitation piece for my upcoming gallery show in March at Kneeland Gallery. Orchids and hummingbirds are some of my favorite things. I chose to paint this still life scene as if the birds stopped in for a short respite. My still life art creates enough mystery to allow the viewer's imagination to … [Read more...]

Plein Air Painting in Idaho with Nationally known Artists

Lori McNee painting in Sun Valley favicon

Each summer I have the priveledge of plein air painting alongside a talented group of Nationally recognized artists during a week long event hosted by Kneeland Gallery of Sun Valley, Idaho. Being an artist consists of many isolated hours alone in our studios or painting out in the field, so this is a special time for us all. … [Read more...]

Should Artists be People Pleasers?

should artists be people pleasers?

Many of us grow up attempting to be people pleasers. As artists we know that is necessary however, how far does one take that? Seth Godin says that it is more important that you are the best in your category and that the category should be specific. People that share your vision will be gravitate to it. The artist's job is to lead it. Pleasing everyone is impossible, if not undesirable. As an artist, the questions you ask yourself … [Read more...]

My Featured Painting #2 – “A Bit of Gold”

A Bit of Gold

   ~A Bit of Gold~ by Lori McNee A Bit of Gold 24x12 oil/board $2200 Available at Kneeland Gallery Each time I conceive an idea for a painting, I spend a lot of time creating the concept in my head. It might be the shape, color, or patterns of a vase or bird that spark an idea for a painting. At other times there is a hidden message that creates meaning for the painting. "A Bit of Gold" was originally inspired by the antique Japanese … [Read more...]

Lori’s Christmas Message


    May the magic and wonder of the season… Bring joy, creativity and happiness to you… May the season be filled with abundance and inspiration… And stay with you, your whole life through… May the timeless message of Christmas… Fill with love within your heart… May you and yours be forever blessed… And share God’s gift expressed through art.   ~With Gratitude ~ Lori McNee~ … [Read more...]

Alla Prima Painting – The Process

Cafe del Esplanade-Alfred Currier

Alla prima, literally means ‘at first’. This term describes the ‘wet on wet’ painting technique, otherwise known as ‘direct painting’, where the artist completes a painting in one sitting much like plein air painting. Below is my process for alla prima painting. Follow these simple and important tips for a successful painting: First lay in the darks Keep the darks thin and transparent Paint dark to light Dark = … [Read more...]

My Featured Painting – “Hope Floats”

  Recently, I have had many requests to share the inspiration behind my paintings. The creative process of art and what goes on in the mind of the artist has always intrigued me. With that in mind, I have decided to feature a painting of mine at least once a week with a brief description of the original meaning, concept or inspiration. I hope you enjoy learning about my art... ~Hope Floats~ by Lori McNee  Hope … [Read more...]

Luminous Egg Tempera – Tips from a Master


Egg tempera painting is traditionally seen as a difficult medium due to it's fast drying time. However once you get over the initial learning curve of how the paint handles it can be a very versatile medium for creating luminous works of art. Below are a few guidelines for anyone starting out. 1. Paint Thin and Dry Egg tempera painting is best applied thinly and a in a dry brush manner. Impasto techniques are not well suited for egg … [Read more...]




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