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The Creation of a Masterful Figurative Painting – Demo

While working on Twitter one day, I discovered the remarkable figurative work of Rob Hefferan.  Rob's breath-taking oil paintings of beautiful women range from dark and brooding, to light infused and optimistic. Inspired by the pre-Raphaelites, each elegant scene realistically captures the essence of his favorite subject, the female form. Rob's paintbrush masterfully depicts soft skin tones, graceful movements,  and touchable fabrics. Rob graciously shared his unique demonstrations with Fine Art Tips. Watch as they magically bring Rob's paintings to life: Please visit Rob Hefferan [...]

Turn an Altoid Box into a Mini Watercolor Travel Set

I am always on the lookout for money saving ideas for the artist. A couple of websites (links below) shared this little creative project which turns an ordinary Altoid mint box into a pocket-sized watercolor travel set... watercolor travel box by Nita Leland Materials: Use an empty Altoid mint metal container Empty plastic 'half-pan' wells for the watercolor paint Hot glue gun Paint brushes (cut the handles to fit in box) Mini squeeze cosmetic bottle (for the water) Easy Construction: Glue the [...]

The Incredible Camouflage Wallpaper Body Art of Emma Hack

Using some of Australia's most beautiful bodies as her painting canvas, Emma's camouflage works of art take anywhere from 8 - 14 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. It is an exhausting process for the artist and subject alike; however the results are nothing short of spectacular. While surfing for some artistic inspiration on the Internet, I found the remarkable 'wallpaper art' of talented artist, Emma Hack. Although this 'live installation art' is not exactly [...]

Sculpting in Clay for Bronze – The Process

As I continue my artistic journey, I am often asked how I do you choose a subject. It is something that continues to evolve as I am a self-taught sculptor. Below is an overview of the steps I follow in creating a sculpture, but the most important part is the concept, which is a reflection of my journey, interpreting the simple and subtle rhythms and textures in nature. The following is an example of my artistic process and [...]

This Ad is a Work of Art!

 With nearly 3 million views, this soul-filled YouTube video below is a perfect example of how artistic expression crosses language barriers and immediately connects people. The video is actually a Thai 'Pantene' tv commercial which shows a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. I found this video while on Twitter. It was shared by one of my favorite design blogs, Bit Rebels. This advertisement truly is a work of art. It brought tears to my eyes [...]

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The Importance of Value & Tone in Painting

Little did I know that my drawing background would give me a good foundation in value for my painting. Value is how light or dark that color is. For example: If you took a black and white photograph of your painting, the shades of gray would be the different values within the painting. (©2006 Lori McNee "Approaching Shadows") Simply put, value is the lightness or darkness of a color or hue. In painting, value changes can be achieved by adding either black or white [...]

How to Sell Art on Facebook – One Artist’s Way

When I joined Facebook, it wasn't to sell art on Facebook. Originally, I was looking to find old friends and make new ones. My list of friends grew, and I started posting my paintings in a photo album on Facebook. Suddenly, people wanted to buy my paintings. So here's what I did to sell art on Facebook: I posted purchasing information in each photo caption and instructed potential buyers to be first one to leave a "Sold" [...]

5 Websites to Help You Learn to Draw

by guest author: Andrew Salmon Love to doodle while on the phone or while trying to stay awake during staff meetings or in class? Well, why not develop that natural talent? Whether you’re looking for a career as an artist or just want to indulge in drawing as a hobby, the internet is a great place to learn the basics or further develop the talent you’re already cultivating. Here are five websites that will help you learn [...]

SEO Tips to Rank Your Twitter & Facebook Pages Higher on Google

Continuing with our series of art marketing articles for "Thinking Outside the Frame", the following guest post will help you do just that... guest author: John Paul Aguiar Now that Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages are included in Google search results, I thought I would share with you a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips to get more SEO push out of your Twitter and Facebook pages. You should be using Twitter and Facebook to connect and meet people [...]

My Featured Painting – “Snow Flurries above the Big Lost”

    Snow Flurries above the Big Lost © 2010 Lori McNee  30x24 oil/board $3400 AVAILABLE at Kneeland Gallery Early springtime in the Idaho mountains is a favorite subject of mine to paint. I am drawn to the contrasts of the melting snow, dark cattle and trees as well as the complimentary colors of the yellow grasses and purple willows that are so common to this country. For this painting, I decided to explore working with complementary colors. This concept [...]

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