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Plum TV Presents, “A Day in the Life of Artist Lori McNee”

Last week, Plum TV visited my studio and followed me around while filming, "A Day in the Life of Artist Lori McNee". This short 4 min video starts in my Idaho studio and journeys into the field for some plein air painting and a few interesting wildlife encounters! Please click the below link to view the video. I hope you enjoy this little view into my world... P.S. This whole experience has been made possible by my presence on Social Media, including Twitter, [...]

Is the Social Media Bandwagon Right for You?

by guest artist/author:Matt LeBlanc By day I’m an agency account director and an abstract artist by night. My day job consists of managing multi million dollar advertising campaigns and I constantly discuss online marketing strategies with my clients. The online world was turned upside down a few years ago with the introduction of Social Media. The Social Media bandwagon is not only for big businesses, but is it right for you? The web is rapidly changing the [...]

How to Make Your Own Inexpensive Small Painting Panels

Marc Hanson, is a talented artist friend who caught my eye not only for his beautiful paintings, but for all the clever art tips, like making your own panels, he shares on Facebook with his adoring fans. Marc is a world class artist and recently won the Oil Painters of America, 'John Marion Pardy Landscape Award of Excellence' for the painting 'Sunday Morning Frost,' a 16x20 oil. A while back, Marc shared a popular article with Fine Art Tips, [...]

Should Artists Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors, or Both?

One of the benefits of blogging and using Social Media for my art business is the networking opportunity I have with other artists. I have met many talented and intellegent creatives, such is the case with art blogger, Barney Davey. I approached Barney and asked him to swap guest articles with me. Barney cleverly suggested doing a series of collaborative conversational style articles instead.  For our first installment, we narrowed down our choices and decided to keep to a single art marketing topic. The subject we [...]

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Plum TV Visits My Art Studio

Last night I got the call I've been hoping for from the general manager of Plum TV.  With less than 24 hours notice, JR and Ali from the talented Plum TV production crew arrived at my front door to begin filming, "A Day in the Life of Lori McNee Artist".  Thank goodness I overhauled and cleaned my studio this past weekend!   Plum TV is the first and only 24-hour lifestyle network that targets the most active, influential, and educated audience in the [...]

Painting with Complementary Colors using Yin Yang

I often enjoy painting with a limited palette. A while ago, I limited my palette to only complementary colors using the ancient 5000 year old Chinese philosophy, the 'balance of opposites' or yin/yang. ©Lori McNee, A Bit of Summer 16x20 After reading  a favorite book - The Yin Yang of Painting I was so inspired by the artist, Hongnian Zhang, I decided to give this approach a try. I was pleased with my first attempt and [...]

The Creation of a Masterful Figurative Painting – Demo

While working on Twitter one day, I discovered the remarkable figurative work of Rob Hefferan.  Rob's breath-taking oil paintings of beautiful women range from dark and brooding, to light infused and optimistic. Inspired by the pre-Raphaelites, each elegant scene realistically captures the essence of his favorite subject, the female form. Rob's paintbrush masterfully depicts soft skin tones, graceful movements,  and touchable fabrics. Rob graciously shared his unique demonstrations with Fine Art Tips. Watch as they magically bring Rob's paintings to life: Please visit Rob Hefferan [...]

Turn an Altoid Box into a Mini Watercolor Travel Set

I am always on the lookout for money saving ideas for the artist. A couple of websites (links below) shared this little creative project which turns an ordinary Altoid mint box into a pocket-sized watercolor travel set... watercolor travel box by Nita Leland Materials: Use an empty Altoid mint metal container Empty plastic 'half-pan' wells for the watercolor paint Hot glue gun Paint brushes (cut the handles to fit in box) Mini squeeze cosmetic bottle (for the water) Easy Construction: Glue the [...]

The Incredible Camouflage Wallpaper Body Art of Emma Hack

Using some of Australia's most beautiful bodies as her painting canvas, Emma's camouflage works of art take anywhere from 8 - 14 hours, depending on the complexity of the design. It is an exhausting process for the artist and subject alike; however the results are nothing short of spectacular. While surfing for some artistic inspiration on the Internet, I found the remarkable 'wallpaper art' of talented artist, Emma Hack. Although this 'live installation art' is not exactly [...]

Sculpting in Clay for Bronze – The Process

As I continue my artistic journey, I am often asked how I do you choose a subject. It is something that continues to evolve as I am a self-taught sculptor. Below is an overview of the steps I follow in creating a sculpture, but the most important part is the concept, which is a reflection of my journey, interpreting the simple and subtle rhythms and textures in nature. The following is an example of my artistic process and [...]