Branding Tips For Artists with @LoriMcNeeArtist and @LoriMoreno

Brand Building Tips For Artists with @LoriMcNeeArtist and @LoriMoreno

Recently, I had a great time tweeting the Emmys in Studio City at CBS in the OMG Insider studio. After our 'tweetup' Lori Moreno, aka @LoriMoreno on Twitter,  interviewed me for her blog. She asked me to share some of my branding tips for artists. As many of you know, I love Twitter and social media in general. Over the past 5 years, social media has enhanced my art career and literally changed my life. In fact, that's why I was asked to tweet … [Read more...]

Glazing And Cold Wax Oil Medium Painting Techniques

cold wax, oil painting, glazing

In this informative video demonstration, artist Pierre Giroux demonstrates how-to enhance your underpainting by using glazing and cold wax medium techniques. Glazing and cold wax medium adds texture and visual depth to oil paintings. I have been exploring the use of cold wax medium and love it! I hope you enjoy this video... If you found this video helpful, you might like some of my own instructional painting videos too. You can see … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Linen Painting Panels

laminall hardboard masonite panel

  Save money and learn how to make your own professional looking hardboard panels. In this video demonstration, I will show you just how easy it is. I learned how to easily mount linen or canvas on hardboard last month while painting with master artist, T. Allen Lawson. The supplies you will need:  A hardboard panel, cut to the desired size. A piece of linen or canvas, cut to the size of the hardboard panel. Leave about 1/4 … [Read more...]

How to Crackle Acrylic Paint


Over the past few months, I have been on a creative journey in order to expand my own artistic repertoire. Having been a traditional artist for my whole life it is fun to learn some mixed media techniques - like how to crackle paint. My mixed media art instructor, David deVillier, taught me how to crackle paint over the top of an acrylic painting. I thought some of you might enjoy this demo. The quick little video below shows how to give a … [Read more...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Abstract Painter Matt LeBlanc


Today, I am pleased to introduce to you an abstract painter and one of the major influencers behind the #PowerArtists series, Matt LeBlanc. Although Matt and I have never met in person, I consider Matt a dear friend and colleague...thanks to social media. Not only is Matt a talented artist, he is also a savy businessman, and a loving family man with charitable heart. When Matt feels passionately about a cause, he puts his whole heart and soul … [Read more...]

The New Still Life Bird Paintings of Lori McNee

cockatoo in blue

Friday night, was my annual artist's reception at Kneeland Gallery that featured my new still life paintings and the beautiful landscape paintings by fellow artists Shanna Kunz and Cary Henrie. The annual President's Weekend Gallery Walk in Sun Valley, Idaho is a favorite event for locals and tourists alike. After an exhilarating day spent skiing on Bald Mountain, art fans come out to enjoy browsing the top notch galleries. Please enjoy a … [Read more...]

Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Family: Too Close for Comfort!

griz and babies

Last autumn, my painting was selectd for the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibition in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a fun event. I love Jackson Hole and I also love how close it is to two of my favorite places, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places to visit on Earth. I am lucky to live only five hours away from this amazing place and I get to visit there quit often. So on … [Read more...]

Up Close & Personal with New Zealand’s Giant Longfin Eel


Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to drop my youngest son off for a college semester abroad on the south island of New Zealand at the National Outdoor Leadership School. Lucky me, I was able to escort my son to New Zealand, plus combine it with a once in a lifetime plein air painting adventure through New Zealand and Australia! So with only a month to plan, I packed up my son and me, organized my plein air painting gear and grabbed a … [Read more...]

❅ Season’s Greetings from Lori McNee ❅


Hello friends, and Season’s Greetings! I just want to share my holiday wish for you: ❅❅ Peace of mind, prosperity throughout the New Year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, inspiration around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, and lots of great art supplies to fill your stockings! ❅❅ Thank you for supporting the arts and for making 2010 an exciting year for Fine Art Tips. ♥ Happy creating & Happy … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Set Up & Light a Still Life Painting

still life set up pear

Sometimes in creating art, it's the little things that can help make a big difference. This short video explains a few simple tips and tricks I use to help set up and light my still life paintings. I learned how to properly set up and paint the 'still life' through trial and error. I hope my tips help give you a shortcut to successful paintings... Here are the tips that are demonstrated in the video: 1. How to use Sculpey polymer clay to … [Read more...]




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