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Prepare for Gallery Night – Tips & Advice

Recently, I had an interesting request from a Twitter follower. With only two weeks left before her big art show, a photographer named Amy asked me for some advice on ‘how to prepare for gallery [...]

Rule of Thirds – Composition in Art

The Rule of Thirds is probably one of the most basic rules that has been used in painting for ages.  It is a compositional rule of thumb that is commonly used in the visual arts [...]

The Importance of Art & Attitude

Attitudes are mirrors of the mind.  Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude toward us - and that includes our art careers!  For years I have collected quotes and inspirations to help me with my [...]

The Right Art Gallery – How I Found Mine

You now you have a better idea of how to find the right gallery. So, I thought you might be interesting in my personal 'gallery shopping' story. But first, a few relevant thoughts: Whether you [...]

Overwhelmed in the Studio? Check Your Work Habits!

Having just returned from a wonderful tropical vacation in the Virgin Islands after leaving snowy, gray Idaho for two weeks.  After a trip like that I should be recharged and ready to tackle the work I [...]

Local Color of the Caribbean

I am writing this post from the island of St. Thomas where I have been with my family for nearly two weeks. It will be tough to leave in a few days and go back [...]

Feeling Blue in the Studio?

Why am I feeling blue in the studio?  I just had a successful gallery show and sold a lot of paintings in spite of the slump in the economy.  I am grateful for my successes, but [...]

Breaking the Rules in Art

Picasso’s, “Dora Maar with Cat” sold for $95 million in 2006! Were you one of those kids who carefully colored inside the lines, careful of breaking the rules?  I was.  As a small girl, I [...]

A Favorite Book – The Yin Yang of Painting

  Recently, I have been doing a series of posts that have to do with yin and yang in painting.  To read, click "Texture & Application,"  "Color Harmony,"  "Opposites Attract in Painting," "Composition - Yin Yang of Painting." I [...]

How to Gesso a Masonite Hardboard Panel

First of all…what is Masonite? Masonite is brand of hardboard that was invented in 1924 and was originally used for many construction applications. It is formed using the Mason method of compressing and blasting wooden chips [...]

Attitude – It’s Your Choice

      Life is full of choices.  I ponder that sometimes while I am sitting at a red-light in town getting ready to turn left for home – but, what would my life be [...]

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