Plein Air Painting with Utah’s Finest


  Last week I was invited to go out 'plein air painting' with an exclusive group of talented painters from northern Utah.  Plein air painting is the French word for painting outside.  The informal group set up their various pochade boxes and braved the rains last Wednesday.  The other artists besides me were Shanna Kunz, G. Russell Case, George Hanrahan, Gregory Stocks, brothers - Seth & Simon Winegar, Jon Johnson, Mark Willar and Mike … [Read more...]

Painting Portraits 101: Part 2 – Start to Finish


So, you have learned how to paint human proportions from my earlier article, Painting Portraits 101: Part 1 - Painting Proportions. But now, achieving the likeness of a human being with paint is no easy task. A well-executed portrait is expected to show a flattering representation of the sitter and should capture inner essence of the subject, not just a literal likeness. Getting Started: When I am painting a head study from life, I'll … [Read more...]

Painting Portraits 101: Part 1 – Proportions


I am pleased to share this series of portrait painting tips written by my good friend and fellow artist, David Goatley. Years ago, I met David at one of his portrait painting workshops. Not only does David epitomize the 'true English gentleman' but I was so impressed with David’s capabilities that I commissioned him to paint my three children. First, a bit about your instructor:     David Goatley is widely recognized as one of the NW … [Read more...]

A Bit of Gold


A Bit of Gold - Golden Crowned Kinglet 24x12 oil/board $3200 available … [Read more...]

Hummingbird & White Orchids


Hummingbird & White Orchids 24x18 oil/board $3600 SOLD … [Read more...]

My Paintings of Provence


Provence, France  has fascinated landscape painters for ages. Artists have been painting in Provence since prehistoric times.  Paintings of bison, seals, penguins and horses dating to between 27,000 and 19,000 b.c. were found in the Cosquer Cave near Marseilles. From the 1300's up through the 1700's, Provincial rich art history consisted of biblical art, fantastic animals and scenes of daily life.  My daughter and I saw many of these … [Read more...]

Andy Warhol & Nature Pop Art

warhol zebra

Although Andy Warhol is best known for his Pop Art, but believe it or not he had an interest in nature that began as a child. In his youth, Warhol drew animals in science class, kept a flower garden in the family’s yard, and sketched at local conservatories. In college, he frequented the zoo in Highland Park to draw and study animals. Warhol’s series of ten silk-screened images of critically endangered animals showcase not only Warhol’s concern … [Read more...]

Gallery Partnership Marketing


A trustworthy business relationship between the gallery and artist is one of the most crucial factors of being a successful, professional artist.  Recently, I asked fellow artist/blogger Lori Woodward Simons if she would write a post concerning gallery and artist relationships and how the artist can build a collectors list while working with their gallery. Gallery Partnership Marketing by guest artist/author: L. Woodward Simons If we artists … [Read more...]

Painting & Playing in Provence, France


Awww...Paris. Rich in history dating  back more than two millenia, Paris has attractions sufficient to last a lifetime. But for me - the deep blue of a Provincial sky, the aroma of fresh baked bread and lavender fields floating on warm breezes beckoned me into the French countryside of Provence. My daughter and I were fortunate enough to organize a painting trip with a wonderful group of ladies. After many years of studying the French … [Read more...]

Rework an Old Painting & Make it Sell!


Claude Monet once said to Paul Durand-Ruel, "I took your advice and managed to make some quite good things out of paintings I considered irredeemable." Do you ever have an older painting that just sits around in a gallery and never sells? The painting might go out 'on approval' or it's been bounced around between your other galleries, but can't seem to find a new home. This scenario happens to me from time to time however, I have learned how to … [Read more...]




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