A Portrait Painting Palette System that Works

Portrait Painting Palette

Portrait painters want to capture the likeness of their unique subjects with fresh living color. Yet, many artists struggle with a portrait painting palette for mixing beautiful skin or flesh tones. Canadian portrait artist, Steven Rosati offered to share his own portrait palette with Fine Art Tips.  The Steven Rosati Portrait Palette System will help you paint beautiful and believable flesh tones. Steven Rosati's Portrait Painting Palette … [Read more...]

The Business of Art Made Easy

The Business of Art Made Easy

The business side of art doesn't need to be complicated. I wrote recently about the difference between left and right brain and as artists, that more creative right side is usually working in overdrive. While that right side is what ultimately fuels our creativity, it's the left side that often needs a helping hand. Artists are passionate about creating, and we would prefer to be in the studio doing what we love. Nevertheless, as working … [Read more...]

Portrait Painting: Worth A Thousand Words

Portrail Painting: Worth a Thousand Words

Although portrait painting is an established tradition, recently there has been a resurgence in its popularity. Art lovers from the UK, US, Australia and Canada want to make a statement about their family for posterity. Recently, I was interview by the BBC for an article about portrait painting.  The article, "A Painting Worth a Thousand Words" features my children's portrait that was painted 10 years ago by David Goatley. “When a … [Read more...]

How To Display Artwork On Paper Without A Frame

How To Display Artwork On Paper Without A Frame

As an artist I am always exploring new ideas from painting techniques, mediums, subject matter and even different ways in which to display artwork. Lately, I have been creating encaustic works on beautiful handmade Japanese paper. These small encaustics are delicate and a traditional frame overwhelms them. So, I've decided to float them off the wall without a frame. Here's how I did it... I used 4 duplex nails for each individual piece … [Read more...]

Social Media & Oil Painting Workshops with Lori McNee

Lori McNee of FineArtTips.com

Please join me on February 20-22, 2015 at the Artist Materials Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm happy to announce that I'll be teaching four special workshops - 1 social media, and 3 oil painting workshops! Hosted by Binders Art Supplies and Frames, the Art Materials Expo will feature the leading International Manufacturers of Art Materials for the Visual Artists, plus presentations by many Internationally known artists and art instructors. I … [Read more...]

A Great Read: Dogs Rule Nonchalantly

Dogs Rule

If you follow me on social media or this blog you most likely know that I am a dog lover. So naturally I was delighted when asked to review the new book, Dogs Rule Nonchalantly by San Francisco-based artist and illustrator, Mark Ulriksen. Dedicated to his dogs and his parents, the book is a witty personal reflection of Mark's world which has been filled with slobbery kisses and unconditional love. The cover illustration of a happy, … [Read more...]

Creative Ways to Showcase & Sell Art Online and Off

Whether you intend to sell art online or not, displaying your artwork in the right way will enhance the beauty of your paintings and entice people to look at them. Here are some creative suggestions you can make use of while displaying your artwork online and off. Displaying Artwork at a Gallery The way you display your artwork at an art gallery will affect the way people perceive it. The paintings you choose to exhibit must be cohesive with … [Read more...]

Tabletop Artist Palettes by New Wave Art

Tabletop Artist Palettes by New Wave Art

Once again, my friends at New Wave Art have asked me to try out their latest product design. This time I am reviewing their new POSH tabletop artist palettes. It always feels like Christmas whenever I open up a new box of palettes from New Wave Art. First of all, I'd like to say that I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of anything produced by the New Wave Art family. All of their products are topnotch quality, and the POSH … [Read more...]

Left Brain or Right Brain? Take The Quiz

Left brain or right brain? Take the Quiz

Have you ever been accused of being overly analytical or do people say you're too dreamy? These traits can be attributed to left brain or right brain type thinking. At the end of this post, take the Alert Scale of Cognitive Style brain quiz to see if you are a left, right or middle brain thinker. Artists and other creative people tend to be right-brain thinkers. Nevertheless, most our school systems appeal to left brain strategies which are … [Read more...]

5 Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day

5 Inspiring Quotes to Start Your Day

Sometimes an inspirational quote from a friend or a thought leader can help brighten our day, lift our spirits, or reinforce our personal journey. I love collecting quotes and words or wisdom to share with my readers. Here are a few that jumped off the page at me today. Please feel free to share them with your creative friends. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? I hope you enjoy these...   Let's also … [Read more...]




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