Continuing with our series of art marketing articles for “Thinking Outside the Frame”, the following guest post will help you do just that…

guest author: John Paul Aguiar

Now that Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages are included in Google search results, I thought I would share with you a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips to get more SEO push out of your Twitter and Facebook pages.

You should be using Twitter and Facebook to connect and meet people that fit your blog or business.

Trust me there are MANY artists on Twitter and Facebook that you can connect with. Twitter is the best way to market and promote your blog or art right now. It’s so simple to use, with a huge return.

Learn to use Twitter to build a strong community with my Twitter Dummy Guide. If it wasn’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have met Lori and you wouldn’t be reading this post.

Now Facebook is great and is another good way to reach out to friends and potential customers.  Facebook just takes a lil more time and effort on your part to get something from it.  For me Twitter is the best way and fastest way to start seeing results.

  • If you use Facebook, you want to set up a Fan page, this way it works like a website and you have full control of the content.

Ok if your going to be using Twitter and Facebook then why not set them up to benefit from any SEO?

These tips apply to both Twitter and Facebook fan pages and they are simple to do and we all like simple..right?  lol

Choose The Best Name

Your name should include one of your keywords, or at least fit your niche. Ex: if you sell dog toys, then choose a name that fits that.

You can also add a keyword to your display name too. I don’t do this because it makes it less personal, but if SEO juice is what you want then keyword your name too.

Use An Actual Website URL

With your url in your profile, make sure to use your actual url not a shortened one.  Also remove the “www” since Google only takes your first 20 characters.

Personalize Your Profile

This is where you can shine, you’re an artist..right?  Then be creative, your profile is a great place to put your keywords, but again don’t go over board since you want to personalize your profile as much as you can, and you only have 160 char. Keywords will help with search also on Twitter makes it easier for people to search and find you.

SEO Your Avatar

You can SEO your profile picture! You can rename the photo before you upload it that way when it shows up in the URL it will have the keywords that you named. Make sure to leave NO spaces.

Use Keywords and Hashtags

Try to use your top keywords in your tweets and status messages this will help Google rank you too. Also try to use hashtags on your tweets, since Google is starting to rank hashtags.

For me, I like to use #moneydummyblog for my blog posts, that way if you search that, all my posts will pop up.

Promote It Like A Website

Make sure that you are submitting your twitter profile and facebook fan page to RSS feeds to directories and ping it.

You should be doing this already to get your Twitter and Facebook page out there, but make sure to add your Twitter user name in blog posts and forums.

This will allow you to get higher page ranks.

All these tips done together  will help your Google search rankings, but be sure to not go to far, to much SEO efforts and it becomes annoying to actual people, and to little won’t give you much power with Google.

John Paul Aguiar

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We are lucky to have John Paul share his SEO knowledge with us here. I know I learned a thing or two!  Be sure and check out his informative website.

Thanks John Paul – Lori 🙂

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Lori McNee

Lori McNee is a professional artist who specializes in still life, and landscape oil paintings. She is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America, Plein Air Painters of Idaho, serves on the Plein Air Mag Board of Advisors, and is an Artist Ambassador to Arches/Canson/Royal Talens. As the owner of, Lori blogs about fine art tips, marketing, and social media advice for the aspiring and professional artist. As a social media influencer, Lori ranks as one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and named a #TwitterPowerhouse by The Huffington Post. She is a keynote speaker, has been a talk show host for Plum TV, writes for F+W Media publications including Artist’s Magazine, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market, Photographer’s Market. Also, Zero to 100,000: Social Media Tips & Tricks for Small Businesses. Lori is also a member of the CBS Entertainment Tonight & The Insider Tweet Team.

28 thoughts on “SEO Tips to Rank Your Twitter & Facebook Pages Higher on Google

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  2. Yan Susanto says:

    Great advice on the use of keywords and #hashtag, John. You’re everywhere and you’re indeed a blogging superstar in the making.


    You’re amazingly beautiful! So is your Art… 😉


  3. Victor Canada says:

    Lori, Great blog and post from John. Having a guest blogger with a different topic from your normal work is also a great way to attract new readers. I came to your blog today via a Google search regarding SEO and Facebook. I’m researching the latest info before I set up a new clients presence. Seeing the quality of your blog and topic interests me and I’m passing it on to my wife whose interests also relate to your blog topics. She will likely pass you on to her friends as well. Shows the power of SEO.

    Nice job.


    • Lori McNee says:

      Hello Victor and thanks for the visit and great reply. I was really lucky to have John Paul share his knowledge with my readers and reach out to new people like yourself! Thanks for taking time to comment and passing this site onto your wife.
      Lori 🙂

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  5. SEO says:

    It isn’t every day that you get quality information delivered with the pure intention of providing unbiased information to readers. This is great reference material written by an experienced hand in the business. Hats off for sharing valuable information on an important subject. SEO Tips

    • Lori McNee says:

      Great seeing you here, Jeanette. Thanks for taking time to comment. I find that the fan pages grow more slowly. Be sure and add a ‘like’ button on your own website or blog which links to your fan page. Also, you can share links from your fan page on Twitter or your FB profile page. This will get people to see your fan page. You can also send out a newsletter or a FB message asking people to check out your fan page and ‘like’ it if they choose.

      Hope this helps-

    • Lori McNee says:

      Hello Lisa-

      John has shared a few guest posts with me over the past few years, but this one is really extra helpful. People overlook the importance of SEO, so I am glad you enjoyed his tips.

      Happy tweeting!

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  8. Lauran Childs says:

    Thanks – and Gulp, John Paul, still don’t know what a ping is but will take your advice, have just followed you on Twitter.

    It’s only in the last week I’ve given Twitter and Pinterest etc attention, before I was really intimidated by them but knew I had to deal with it. This blog is really helping and I’ll follow all suggestions, thanks!

    PS I understand the #tag is useful, but why? (I get the points it moves Tweets up to get more attention.)

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