***Produced and published by Liliedahl Art Instructional Videos. DVD length 4 hours. Only $137.00

Discover how to create luminous, glowing landscapes using water-mixable or traditional oil in Lori’s long-awaited DVD/video. Lori demonstrates both a summer and a winter scene, step-by-step,  from start to finish.

Now You Can Learn Directly From Lori McNee, One of the World’s Best Landscape Painters. McNee has established herself as a world-renowned painter…as well as an internationally followed art blogger and social media influencer.

Here’s a preview of the tips and techniques you’ll discover as you go through Lori’s training videos:

    • An easy way to bring shadows to life to make your paintings more pleasing
    • Local color: what it is and why it’s important
    • A great discipline for a landscape painter that most painters don’t have
    • Discover what Lori says the best painters have in common
    • What Lori likes to do a couple of days after finishing her paintings to make them even better
    • Do this to your twigs and foliage to improve your landscape painting
    • How to soften the edges of the trees without losing your brushwork
    • Lori’s take on creating the perfect painting
    • Lori’s super tip for painting when traveling
    • How and when to add more texture into the trees to make your painting more interesting
    • The “Maynard Dixon technique” to give your painting the feel of the Old West
    • A simple way to separate good work from GREAT
    • A lesson in painting yummy clouds
    • How to keep your paintings from looking “fake”
    • The tool to make water shimmer
    • The little-known “molecular mix” that Lori believes makes water mixable oils a “winner” over traditional oils
    • Traditional oil painters sometimes complain about water-mixable oils being “sticky.” Yet if you do this easy thing, the paint will be more creamy and smooth than a chocolate sundae!
    • Why you shouldn’t use oils on this certain type of paper
    • Plus tons of other tips and techniques we want to leave as a surprise!

Enjoy this promo video from Luminous Landscape Painting with Lori McNee  … Go solvent-free with Lori McNee!

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