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15 Books to Spark Your Creative Inspiration

Most all artistic people have experienced the dreaded feeling of looking at a blank canvas or computer screen while waiting for creative inspiration to spark. At times, creativity can be elusive. Nevertheless, contrary to popular opinion, creativity can be honed with effort and consistency. It's helpful to set aside time for yourself to focus on honing your creativity, add it to your schedule. You should also know when to take a step back. Explore new mediums. Step [...]

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Discover How To Turn Imagination into Art

We all have an imagination. But, it takes a special skill to hold an image in thought and turn that imagination into art. ©2016 Lori McNee, Summertime, 20x20, encaustic on cradled birch panel Art-making can be a natural gift, a learned skill, or a combination of both. Making art is difficult and it takes perseverance, imagination, and a lot of hard work. Throughout the ages, even the most talented artists have had to work for [...]

Conquering Mental Illness Through Art

Contrary to popular belief, mental illness can be overcome through art. Artist David Sandum is a shining example of this. In his new book, "I'll Run Till The Sun Goes Down," David shares an intimate journey of courage, self-discovery, and awakening the artist within. We've all heard how artists suffer for their art, but undeniably some art is created from suffering. According to The Stanford Journal of Neuroscience, contradiction of the genius who creates great artwork despite (or [...]

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The Relationship Between Gratitude and Creativity

There is a direct relationship between gratitude and creativity. Gratitude enhances our mood, lifts our spirits, and helps us cope with stress and anxiety. Actively cultivating gratitude increases happiness which in turn boosts productivity, and creativity. Scientific studies have proven a link between happiness and creative problem solving. Experiencing positive emotions like gratitude, joy, and play, can help us remember peripheral details more vividly, and encourages thinking outside the box which leads to more creativity. Gratitude gives birth to great ideas, and [...]

My Upcoming Live Webinar: How To Grow Your Art Business

Thank you for making this webinar a great success! The recording is available for purchase, register below! Thanks,  ~Lori Announcing my upcoming live webinar, "Social Media Secrets to Grow Your Art Business." You are invited by Xanadu Gallery Owner, Jason Horejs to join us for a Live, Online Workshop at his Art Business Academy. Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 4p.m. Pacific Registration Only $19.95 Tips You Will Discover In this fun, live and informative online workshop you will discover... [...]

How To Feel Comfortable Making Art For A Live Audience

As artists, we usually create art in the privacy of our studio away from the eyes of the general public. We may even feel more comfortable making art this way, where our little failures and experiments can be done relatively safely, and where we won’t feel the prying eyes of outsiders. However, if we can get past the reservations we may have about painting in front of people, we can experience a new stage in our creative work… [...]

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The Magical Bond Between Fashion and Art

One of the most fascinating relationships of our civilization is the magical bond between fashion and art. Possibly the greatest example of this bond is between the artist Piet Mondrian and designer Yves Saint Laurent . Best known for geometric paintings with asymmetrical arrangements of rectangles in primary colors (blue, red, and yellow) as well as black, gray and white, Piet Mondrian was a very influential Dutch artist born in the 19th century. He was in a constant quest [...]

Why You Should Share Your Art

Suddenly you have an idea and an overwhelming feeling of creative genius, but then you realize how vulnerable you will be if you share your art with other people. What if they don’t like it? What if they think it is stupid? What if they think it is awful? My question to you is, why do “they” matter so much to you? “Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse Using your creative talent does take courage, but there [...]

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The Gift of Art

This holiday season, I am reflecting on the importance of art, our freedom to create, and the gift of art in our lives. Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a creative way other than written or verbal. Throughout history, every culture has developed some form of art just as it has developed language. Art and cultured societies are inseparable. Yet today art is often regarded as a luxury item, a non-essential. When times get tough [...]

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