Basic Transcript: Okay we’re back at command Central on the tech side of The 20/20 Club – Stu2u here.

I’m testing a live URL we just launched a brand new website.

We’re in the Google search console – submit URL for inspection. 

That’s where we are and the site is called Flash Fit Canada dot CA (like dot com but Canada) A client of ours.


And we’re just going to let that process continue to see If it can be indexed. Normal. A URL will be indexed.

So, it says URL is not on Google we’re going to wait a little while these things actually come up way faster than you know.

Google has gone in the page says it’s not indexed and within moments I come back here, and it’s indexed ..

If we go to the  Facebook comparative tool from our other analytics where we submit URL to see if Facebook has scraped it using their sharing debugger tool

Describes the URL and this this tools available to anybody it says Facebook for developers up here, okay and yes you probably should be logged into Facebook.

And it may ask you to s ay yes to a couple of questions if you want to use Facebook developers although I don’t know if that’s true years ago we had to qualify as a developer. Now it’s just like people can qualify their businesses on Facebook,  submit documents if they need to. Lots of privacy issues with Facebook, those are their privacy issues and we comply by giving honest transparent information about ourselves of course.

And we get to use their tools.

So going back to Google over here I can test another URL and that this is the site by the way it’s called flash fit Canada they do aluminum trim work around the home and businesses, thier slogan is “Exterior Trim – For Life” haha that’s a plug. Aluminum trim for your windows and what not.

So now we can say let’s go to the about us page and take that URL in the address bar And go back over to Google and put it in the inspection tool up here.

That’s it and so this works and this works fast – I’ve been on this job tonight for about the last 45 minutes just started to get this up and it’s already indexed … my client is going to be happy. They may not know it right away but it doesn’t matter.

We’re doing our job in the back end. We can show you how to do this stuff it’s very simple.

Getting your url for your domain on the Google search console is very simple and we’ll talk about it in the groups and on the site so I hope you all have a great night.

And I will, talk to you real soon.

Stu2u peace out.