Thank you, thank you and thank you!! Reg, Stu and I truly appreciate the over-the-top turnout for our first ever 2020 Club Webinar.


Nearly 500 people signed up, and over one hundred people attended our first live Zoom event and it went well!

We learned a lot from our first Zoom experience, haha! 

We created the 2020 Club as a crucible to help spark our imagination, our creativity. A place that we can all come to work together to answer some of today’s most pressing questions.

Before that can happen, we need to really get the ball rolling and keep it rolling. So I’m upping my game.

We’re having another Webinar. Strike that. A fireside chat, a friendly meeting, a talk among friends.

My team and I want to be able to answer your Social Media questions and see everyone’s faces. We need it to be more personal, so join me this Wednesday at 5pm ET and let’s talk!

Topic: A Q&A with the 2020 Club
Time: May 6, 2020 04:00 PM Central Time, 5PM Eastern (US and Canada)

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