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The 2020 Club Launch – Stu2u in Tech

This is Stuart at The 20/20 Club, on the tech side.

I think all the introductions were already made so thank you for that and I extend another warm welcome worldwide to everybody who’s able to join us on this webinar today.

People often ask me about indexing their sites and blog posts… “how do I know my Website is on Google and if I change something how do I make sure that Google has re-indexed it and can I make that happen quicker?

Unfortunately that would be about a 20 – 25 minute training session but I’m going to show you something else but it’s just as fascinating to me.

This blog post (shown here) for instance 10 + people can share this on Facebook and all over the web by pasting the URL from the address bar into Facebook or a widget to share to another social network. This is a blog post this is a page off of The 20/20 clubs Fine Art tips website with Lori McKenna.

And I’m just going to take that blog post that we were just looking at and I’m going to paste that URL into this box called the sharing debugger and the sharing de-bugger will decipher what if anything is on that URL. We posted that today so whether Facebook picked up on that or not… Is actually your question. Anyone can go to the sharing de-bugger at this URL –

So I’m going to hit debug after pasting that blog post URL in.

And it says, (Facebook) when and how we last scraped the URL.

Well it went for URL because somebody probably saw it on Facebook and went directly to it and got the information from that person or persons already sharing it. That may not make sense but Facebook didn’t know it existed until someone shared it and then ASAP the Facebook scrapers (bots) went to fetch and render it. We will talk about OG Tags in another post here very soon which are the underlying “story tellers” in data.

It had cropped up the picture a little bit because when you format a picture for social media is sometimes it’s better to have a
Landscape orientation people say well I put the wrong picture in there so if I go to the background of the website and I wanted to actually change the featured image using the software driving Lori’s site I would edit this post and in our dashboard we have a place for the featured image down here on the lower right so I can go to our media gallery and select a different file in the media library that may be more appropriate for this post than we had done previously like on the image y’all saw.

On update, this post Facebook memorizes what it sees on the web. And you can’t clear that people say will I changed my picture but it’s not changing on FB.

So you have what’s called a batch invalidator.

We take that identical URL and copy it into the batch invalidator.

And I can change anything when I save the post it could be the title or other content in it and when I say I don’t want what you already have in your memory cuz Facebook goes all around the world scraping billions of these web pages so I’m telling Facebook to forcibly re-scrape the url.

To change what they last Saw.

And this is why people don’t see their blog post come out right and when I put it in again and de-bug, scrape it again.

And there I in-validated it and I forced you see it hiccup there the machine wasn’t as quick as I was which is not normal, most machines are far quicker than me.

I am glad to share it with you today and I hope you enjoy the rest of the webinar.