Not everyone is gifted with skillful hands. However, when it comes to drawing, you can do it as long as you have the confidence and willingness to learn.

You don’t need expensive paper or pencils to learn drawing. In fact, if you are determined to learn how to draw, you will use available resources.


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Follow these 9 easy steps to learn drawing, and you will be able to draw anything that you want or like.

The Steps

Step #1

Don’t focus mainly on photos when drawing. You also need to draw anything that you can see in the environment. Real life drawings are amazing.

Steps #2

As you start drawing, do not focus on the smallest details. Drawing less should be your main focus.

Step #3

Most people think that you need to finish a drawing in a single sitting. Have you ever seen artists work? Some of the best artworks take several days to complete. This is also the same with drawings. You can work on the layout, and you can add the details little by little.



Step #4

Be positive. Some people have already judged their drawings at the start and this is not good. To complete a work of art, you must think positive and reassure yourself that you can do it.

Step #5

Similar to focusing on the big picture, you should start working on simple drawings. The complicated ones are for experienced people. If you want to avoid boredom and loss of interest, you need to work on something that you’re passionate about or at least, something that you like.


Step #6

Instead of drawing what you know, try to focus on what you actually see.

Step #7

Draw in a room where there is proper ventilation, adequate natural sunlight, and properly lit area. These things can help you draw anything that you like, and it sets the mood to bring out your creativity.

Step #8

Simple and clean pieces of paper are enough, and be sure to keep pencils sharp. That way, you can sketch the subject with ease and with attention to the broader details.

Step #9

Practice makes perfect. If you really want to learn how to draw, you will bring a sketchpad or book anywhere.

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Source: via Lori on Pinterest


It was mentioned earlier that you need to focus and to start with simple drawings. The problem with most people is that they prefer to start with elaborate and complicated subjects. There are no restrictions to drawing, but since you’re just starting out, you need to start from the simplest subjects and then work your way up.

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