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Having an efficient and well organized art studio is important to the productivity of any artist. The other day I was considering buying a new artist’s taboret.

I was ready to place the order, and then I realized that I could easily save money by turning my old TV stand into a new taboret!

Here is how I did it.


TV stand










The average height for an artist’s taboret is 32″ high. The TV stand needed to be elevated, so I added these 4″ blocks. I then screwed a wheel to the bottom of each block.

artist taboret wheels









Next, I had a large piece of glass cut to fit the top of the TV stand. I prefer to use a glass palette for easy clean up and color mixing. Be sure and ask for 1/4 inch clear glass and have the corners polished so you don’t cut yourself!

I like to mix my paints on a neutral background, so I sprayed the bottom of the glass with two coats of grey paint.

spray paint








Be sure and spray the paint in a well ventilated area. I even wear gloves to protect myself.

spray paint






Once the paint is dry I added little rubber guards to help secure the glass to the top of the taboret.

glass corner







glass guards










art studio














I then filled the open shelf with my paints and other supplies. I love it! My studio is working better than ever now.

I hope this little tip helps you!

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