Branding Tips For Artists with @LoriMcNeeArtist and @LoriMoreno

Recently, I had a great time tweeting the Emmys in Studio City at CBS in the OMG Insider studio. After our 'tweetup' Lori Moreno, aka @LoriMoreno on Twitter,  interviewed me for her blog. She asked me to share some of my branding tips for artists. As many of you know, I love Twitter and social media in general. Over the past 5 years, social media has enhanced my art career and literally changed my life. In fact, that's [...]

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How to Create a Great Online Community

Do you know how to be a good person? Bravo! Then you also know how to create a great online community. Just like any familial endeavor or offline community, one must be present and attentive. But it takes more than that too. Passion. Passion will set the compass for your community and its focus. It will be the vision for why people happily carve out time in their busy lives to show up and add their own [...]

Tips to Get Started with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a thriving website with many strategic uses for artists and bloggers. Finding inspiration is easy among the infinite content found here. You’ll need to decide how you want to use StumbleUpon, and I’m going to give you some help getting started. First things first, set up a complete profile using your real name so that people can find you and your content. Make sure that you share your new StumbleUpon profile on your blog and [...]

How to Use Your Twitter Friends as Character References

Since I began using Twitter in 2009, I have made life changing friendships via social media. Many of these 'friends' have become professional colleagues, and personal friends. Recently, I have discovered a great way to use tweets as 'character references' for my resume. Twitter is the perfect place to gather character references from friends who tweet strong positive statements about you, and your expertise. Over the past few months, I have started collecting 'screenshots' of flattering tweets that are relevant to [...]

To Sale or Not to Sale? That is the Question

As a professional artist, having a sale on original art can be a tough decision to make. On one hand, artists want to respect the patrons who have spent good money purchasing their art and don’t want to under-cut them. However, having a sale stimulates buyers to spend and can help build a new client base. I’m a sucker for a sale. I was pondering the question and sent it to Lori McNee on Facebook. Lori has [...]

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Social Media’s Favorite Artists Share What They Do For a Fun Studio Break

Just like with any profession, it is important for artists to take a studio break in order to recharge their creative batteries. Last night, I asked some of social media's favorite artists, "What do YOU do for a fun studio break?" I sent out this query via direct message on Twitter ,and then I also posted this same question on my Fine Art Tips Facebook fan page , and on my Google Plus wall. Wow -  I was surprised by such a quick [...]

12 Compelling Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter

Recently, I have received a few comments from artists who feel that social media is just a lot of hype. Last week I wrote a guest article for my friends at Meylah filled with compelling reasons why artists should use Twitter. I hope this post helps my readers understand how to use social media as part of their free art marketing plan. ~Lori :) 12 Persuasive Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter written by Lori McNee, originally posted on Many artists [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Wildlife Painter Rebecca Latham

Wildlife artist, Rebecca Latham and I use to show at the same gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so it has been especially nice catching up with her on Twitter. Rebecca is a young, rare talent who comes from a family legacy of world renowned wildlife artists. I am so impressed with Rebecca's love of nature and her attention to detail that is reflected in her beautiful paintings and her tweets! It has been fun watching this artist [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Abstract Textile Artist, Lisa Call

If you have been using Twitter as a networking and marketing tool for your art business, most likely you have tweeted with textile artist, Lisa Call. Lisa has a strong social media presence and she understands the importance of taking charge of your own art career in this ever changing marketplace. I hope you enjoy a peek into Lisa's daily life as she juggles a job, teenagers, social media and a successful art career! “PowerArtists are the [...]