12 Compelling Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter

Recently, I have received a few comments from artists who feel that social media is just a lot of hype. Last week I wrote a guest article for my friends at Meylah filled with compelling reasons why artists should use Twitter. I hope this post helps my readers understand how to use social media as part of their free art marketing plan. ~Lori :) 12 Persuasive Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter written by Lori McNee, originally posted on Meylah.com Many artists [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Children’s Book Illustrator Melody Lea Lamb

Genuine individuals like Melody Lea Lamb help to make the competive art world a kinder place. Melody is an avid social media user who's positivity is infectious. She is an award winning children's book illustrator who also specializes in miniatures art of animals as wells as fantasy. She works primarily in colored pencil, watercolor and India ink. Recently, Melody won the 1st Place, Gold Medal in the  2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for her illustrations in a children's book, Moonlight Memoirs. Melody lives in New England, [...]

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25 Twitter & Facebook Artists Come Together For A Cure

My good friend and fellow artist, Matt LeBlanc asked me to help him round-up a group of active Twitter and Facebook artists for a unique video project. Now months later, the video has been produced as part of his successful art campaign to raise money for a charity he believes in, the fight against cancer. Matt lost his sister to this heartless disease when she was only five. Sadly, he never got the chance to meet Madeleine, [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Art Marketing & Art Licensing Expert, Tara Reed

Tara Reed is a marketing dynamo who's passion for art licensing is infectious. I had the opportunity to speak with Tara a last week and really was impressed with her art marketing knowledge and her use of social media. Tara shares her secrets to success below and shows us how she encompasses the definition of a #PowerArtist. “PowerArtists are the social media ‘rockstars’ of the art world! Not only are they talented creatives, but they understand how to harness [...]

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The Best of 2010: Articles on Art, Marketing & Social Media

As 2010 quickly comes to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and dig up some of this year's popular posts. Many interesting art business & marketing tips, social media advice and fine art tips are buried in the back pages of this blog, so I have listed some of your favorite posts below for your convenience. Thank you to those of you who have sent in the many informative and [...]