Monday’s Motivation: Artwork IS Work

Many people idealize the profession of being an artist. They imagine the artistic lifestyle to be stress-free, romantic and fanciful.  For, how can creating artwork or a thing of beauty be considered work? Yes, being an artist is a wonderful lifestyle, but it truly does take a lot of hard work. So, for Monday's Motivation I thought I'd share a few reasons why artwork IS work... Artists are self-starters. We have learned how to carve out time each day [...]

7 Ways to Improve Your Luck as an Artist

It seems like some artists have all the luck. Do you want to learn some ways to improve your luck as an artist and be one of them? Luck isn’t just some magical force that only shines down on select artists. It doesn’t require a magic wand, a lottery ticket or even good juju to be lucky. Fortune is created by hard work, dedication and passion and it’s up to every creative to make his or her [...]

How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers to Success as an Artist

Artists who do not feel successful seem to run into 3 common barriers, mostly self-generated. The good news is that each of these barriers has an antidote that you already have within your grasp to becoming a successful artist. Barrier # 1: Wanting Too Much Too Soon Some artists are unrealistic about what is possible in a certain time frame and are impatient about the results they are getting. They want to sell immediately, sometimes before they even [...]