Understanding The Health Standards of Your Art Materials

Do you understand the health standards of your art materials or know the meaning of ASTM 4236 on your tube of paint? ASTM International, formerly known as The American Society for Testing and Materials, is a large body made of volunteers that gather together twice a year to create quality standards for numerous consumer products. For the art material industry, the subcommittee, is notated as “ASTM D01.57” and is part of the paint and coatings committee, which [...]

How to Combat Blogger’s Butt

Lori and her dogs Each day, as part of my art blogging and painting routine, I either go to the gym, hike a big mountain, ski down a mountain, or jog with my dogs. So, why have my jeans been getting tighter and tighter on me lately? Please pardon my French, but I just realized that I am in the beginning stages of the dreaded blogger's butt! Once referred to as 'secretary's seat', blogger's butt is [...]