Tips for Using Amazon Mechanical Turk to Build Your Business

Amazon Mechanical Turk MTurk

Did you know Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) can simplify your small business tasks through the use of crowdsourcing? This process was introduced in Part 1, How To Harness The Power of Crowdsourcing to Grow Your Art Business. However, in today's post you will learn how to put Amazon Mechanical Turk to good use. Marketing expert/photographer Todd McPhetridge shares his tips for using MTurk, and the power of … [Read more...]

How to Overcome 3 Common Barriers to Success as an Artist


Artists who do not feel successful seem to run into 3 common barriers, mostly self-generated. The good news is that each of these barriers has an antidote that you already have within your grasp to becoming a successful artist. Barrier # 1: Wanting Too Much Too Soon Some artists are unrealistic about what is possible in a certain time frame and are impatient about the results they are getting. They want to sell immediately, sometimes before … [Read more...]




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