How to Price Artwork for Consistent Sales Success

Deciding how to price artwork is probably the most difficult decision artists have to make. Yet, finding the optimal price has a triple benefit: it provides the artist with reasonable compensation for the creative work, and makes the buyer feel confident about investing in a particular piece. And most importantly, it generates sales. Buying art is a very personal experience. A combination of rational and emotional factors transforms a casual viewer into a motivated buyer. The importance [...]

Monday’s Motivation: Artwork IS Work

Many people idealize the profession of being an artist. They imagine the artistic lifestyle to be stress-free, romantic and fanciful.  For, how can creating artwork or a thing of beauty be considered work? Yes, being an artist is a wonderful lifestyle, but it truly does take a lot of hard work. So, for Monday's Motivation I thought I'd share a few reasons why artwork IS work... Artists are self-starters. We have learned how to carve out time each day [...]

Top 2013 Art Business Tips From The Pros

With the holidays behind us, it's time to get back to business. To help get the new year off to a good start, I asked some of your favorite Art Business industry leaders to share their top art business tips for 2013. It's an honor to have my colleagues share their expertise with us. There is a wealth of knowledge in this short post, and I hope to encourage you to visit their amazing art business blogs too. Here [...]

A 10 Step Approach to Develop a Series of Exhibition Paintings

A lot of thought and exploration goes into developing a series of paintings for an art exhibition. Today, this has been a topic of conversation between my good friend and fellow artist, Shanna Kunz and me. This weekend, Shanna and I are exhibiting together in an all women art show, "8 Broad Brush Stokes". (Come see us in Utah, November 16-17). Shanna and I love to talk 'shop' when we are together. Today, we have been discussing the [...]

7 Ways to Have Fun Selling Your Art

Is selling your art a difficult activity? Is it the part of 'art' you don’t want to think about? This article will explore 7 ways to have fun selling your art. Guest author: Doug Farrick It’s no big secret that some artists look upon 'selling art' as distasteful or greedy - the last thing anyone would want to do. Why is this so? Well, the salesman stigma is everywhere. It’s in the culture, in the movies (Wall Street, Glengarry Glen Ross, [...]

How Does Money Relate to Your Artist’s Lifestyle?

Perhaps you are in the fortunate position of not needing to worry about making money from your art. That is terrific – and unusual. Most working artists want to at least cover their expenses or need to make a living of making art. "Knowing how much money you invest and how much you earn from your art, and exactly how much of that is clear profit, is critical to your ability to remain in business." ~Aletta de [...]

8 Reasons Why Artists Should Join Google Plus

Many of us are overwhelmed by the number of 'must have' social networks that keep cropping up on the Internet. Yes even I, the big social media proponent for artists, have been feeling this way. I am already managing two blogs, a strong Twitter profile, a Facebook Fan Page , YouTube channel, and Stumblupon account while juggling my art career and family. So, I  actually felt a sense of trepidation last week when I joined the newest social [...]

5 Savvy Tips for Selling Your Artwork

My friends at have shared many popular guest articles on the business of art, blogging and selling your artwork. I hope you enjoy this savvy little post. 5 Tips for Selling Your Artwork Guest author: Courtney Dirks of Meylah Making the decision to sell your artwork is part of the natural progression of shifting from just a painter to a committed artist and savvy business owner. Getting started can be tough so here are 5 sales tips for you to [...]

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#PowerArtists Interview with Muralist & Community Activist, Kelli Bickman

Over the past month we have met the talented and popular #PowerArtists Annie Strack, Robert Girandola, Tara Reed, and Robin Pedrero. This week I am pleased to introduce you to artist and community activist, Kelli Bickman. Kelli's wonderful, intricate paintings and designs on everything from fine art paintings to murals, t-shirts, mugs, buttons and more! Some of you might remember Kelli from her popular FineArtTips guest article, "Tips for Selling Art on Facebook: A Success Story". “PowerArtists [...]

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10 Important Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know: Part 2

As we learned in the recent post, 10 Important Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know: Part 1, there are some very important things that aspiring artists need to know before they strike out on their own to make it as a professional. Being a professional at anything takes skill, hard work, perseverance, confidence and knowledge. I hope these two articles help arm you with some of the tools needed to make the move from an amateur to a professional artist. #6 [...]

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