How To Paint An Awesome Deer

How to paint an awesome deer

With over 80,000 likes on his Facebook page, my friend Tony O'Connor is a social media rockstar artist! A very talented painter specializing in equine art, Tony captivates his following with beautiful art and tutorials like, How To Paint An Awesome Deer (it looks like and elk, but it's a red deer). I hope you enjoy his 'how to paint' tutorial below. Step 1 Loosely sketch out the deer... and when I say loosely, I mean not loosely at all.. … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Approach To Plein Air Painting


Plein air painting intrigues and intimidates the heck out of me.  I thoroughly enjoy the time out in nature painting en plein air, but I end up moaning with frustration as to painting what is in front of me. When it comes to painting outside I get so overloaded with “information” that I just freeze up and have no idea how to proceed.  But I’ve never been one to quit easily, so I’m inching my way into plein air painting very, very gently.  I hope … [Read more...]

Tips For Marketing To Strangers While Painting en Plein Air

plein air painting

Artists who work en plein air must deal with natural and self-imposed burdens every time we go out to paint - including the possibility of marketing to strangers. We load our packs (paints, thinner, brushes, palette, canvas panel, towels, garbage bags, clamps, bungee cords, sunscreen, hat, collapsible umbrella, water and power bars) carry our easels, set up and stand for hours at a time. We are at the mercy of the weather, the land and the … [Read more...]

Struggling With Your Painting? Turn It Upside Down

yellow carp fish

Each painting creates its own special set of problems, because each one is its own lesson in itself. As you are painting, you are going to discover things along the way that will alter your original approach. Are you squinting a lot when you are viewing your unfinished painting? Leaning your head to one side, hoping that this will make it all look better? At a loss as to what your next moves are going to be? Like a punch drunk boxer, … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Own Linen Painting Panels

laminall hardboard masonite panel

  Save money and learn how to make your own professional looking hardboard panels. In this video demonstration, I will show you just how easy it is. I learned how to easily mount linen or canvas on hardboard last month while painting with master artist, T. Allen Lawson. The supplies you will need:  A hardboard panel, cut to the desired size. A piece of linen or canvas, cut to the size of the hardboard panel. Leave about 1/4 … [Read more...]

Just Another Wet Day in Paradise

virgin islands snorkeling

Hello from paradise! Last Friday, my family and I flew down for our annual trip to the US Virgin Islands where we like to thaw out from the slushy, snowy mountains. However, the sun has been playing tricks on us, and it has been raining the majority of the time since we have arrived! We even witnessed a big waterspout (a tornado that starts in the water) that came on shore, lifted beach umbrellas 40 feet into the air, and sent the … [Read more...]

How Leonardo da Vinci Used Sacred Geometry in Painting the Mona Lisa


There is strong evidence that supports Leonardo da Vinci's use of Sacred Geometry, also known as the Golden Ratio or Golden Number, while creating the Mona Lisa. Last spring, I learned about the use of the Golden Ratio when I took a painting workshop from the very accomplished painter, Michael Workman. Understanding the elements of scared geometry will help elevate and enhance your own artistic compositions. Besides the Mona Lisa, the Golden … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips for Daily Painters


This guest post by Diane Hoeptner shares the Top 5 Tips for Daily Painters. As an introduction to this post, I thought you might enjoy learning a bit about Daily Painters. There is actually a new artistic movement called, The Daily Painters Movement.  It really got its momentum going in 2006, and now The Daily Painters Movement has a directory of over 400 serious artists. According to the Daily Painter Review, "Daily painting is the practice … [Read more...]

Drawing and Painting for My Holiday Art Show

silver creek preserve idaho fly fishing river oil painting

Over the past four months, I have been busy drawing and painting for my holiday art show that is currently hanging at Kneeland Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. Lately I have been feeling in an artistic rut.  So, for this art gallery showing I have been experimenting with many new painting techniques and mediums. Most of you who follow this blog are familiar with my landscape and still life paintings. Without abandoning my artistic roots, I have … [Read more...]

Social Media’s Favorite Artists Share What They Do For a Fun Studio Break

Lori taking a studio break with her dog

Just like with any profession, it is important for artists to take a studio break in order to recharge their creative batteries. Last night, I asked some of social media's favorite artists, "What do YOU do for a fun studio break?" I sent out this query via direct message on Twitter ,and then I also posted this same question on my Fine Art Tips Facebook fan page , and on my Google Plus wall. Wow -  I was surprised by such a quick and huge … [Read more...]




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