Clean PaintBrushes With This Quick Tip

Keeping our paintbrushes in good working condition is not only important to the artist's productivity in the studio, but it is also important to the artist's pocketbook! Paintbrushes are expensive. Nevertheless, sometimes we get rushed, or even lazy, and the end up with 'hard to clean' paint brushes.  Below is a quick tip to cleaning hardened acrylic paint from your brushes. I plan to give this one a try... ~Lori ***** Clean Paintbrushes With This Quick Tip [...]

Choosing Quality Art Materials and Supplies

When I entered graduate school, I first experienced the raw difference in quality art materials and supplies. There was such a huge distinction between the materials I used in the shop (the scene shop) to the materials I used in the studio, and I could immediately see the results in both different types of paints, and in different papers, and substrates. It wasn’t an intentional experiment to find better quality, but it sold me on how quality makes a [...]

How to Crackle Acrylic Paint

Over the past few months, I have been on a creative journey in order to expand my own artistic repertoire. Having been a traditional artist for my whole life it is fun to learn some mixed media techniques - like how to crackle paint. My mixed media art instructor, David deVillier, taught me how to crackle paint over the top of an acrylic painting. I thought some of you might enjoy this demo. The quick little video below shows how to [...]

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How Long Did It Take To Paint That?

 If you have ever created anything more complex than a stick figure, you have probably been asked this common question, "How long did it take to paint that?" This seemingly simple question can actually be complex for the artist to answer. For me, each painting seems to have a mind of its own, with its own personality. Literally, some paintings paint themselves, while others are a slow, and more labor intensive. Self-employed artists work hard, but we [...]

Under Vanilla Skies

Under Vanilla Skies 24x30 oil/canvas board $3600 available at Kneeland Gallery (208) 726-5512 This painting was inspired by a scene I saw while visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In reality though, there were cattle. I chose to substitute the cows for sheep in order to evoke more serenity. Although cottonwoods are thought to be much like a weed, they provide alot of shade for livestock during the heat of summer.

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