Tracking Your Art Inventory and Contacts

As a working artist I know how hard it can be to keep good art inventory records. Keeping track of my art inventory, clients, gallery contacts, competitions and other aspects of my art career can be overwhelming. At times, my desk has been like a chaotic mess of notes, spreadsheets, database software, and business cards. I don't want to spend my time dealing with the mundane business side of things like art inventory - I just want to [...]

Top 10 Ways Artists Make Money

How do you make money as an artist? Many people who aren’t artists wonder this, and many seasoned artists wonder the same thing! Of course artists know that to make money, you must sell work. But there other methods of making money that you may not be aware of. Here are the top 10 ways artists can make money. Each has a short description and a link to an article full of expert advice. Guest author: Originally posted [...]

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On My Easel: Still Life Oil Painting Demo #1

"On My Easel," is an new series of random demo posts that will showcase my own my paintings in progress from the easel to completion. When admiring or viewing artwork, do you ever wonder 'how' it was created? The creative process which can be a mystery for art fans and artists alike. Funnily enough, because I share so many art business and blogging tips, some of my readers are surprised that I actually paint...and yes, art is my daytime [...]

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10 Tips to Bring Visitors to Your Art Fair Booth or Open Studio

Guest article by artist/author: Benoit Philippe Recently, I took part in a local open studios event, in a public space, together with seven other artists and I tested a number of strategies to bring visitors into my art booth and keep them there to look at my art. The tips below will be helpful for artists taking part in an art fair or open studio. 1. Make your mailing list work. This one is obvious, but requires [...]

10 Great Ways to Market Art & Develop Your Brand

Artists need to take charge of their art careers now more than ever. Nowadays, being a successful artist also includes being a savvy business person as well as a talented and creative producer of your craft. In this guest article, John R. Math shares this great list of of ways that you can market art and develop your brand. This list of suggestions is forever changing as technology and the public’s tastes shift. It is in no particular [...]