How To Make Your Own Linen Painting Panels

  Save money and learn how to make your own professional looking hardboard panels. In this video demonstration, I will show you just how easy it is. I learned how to easily mount linen or canvas on hardboard last month while painting with master artist, T. Allen Lawson. The supplies you will need:  A hardboard panel, cut to the desired size. A piece of linen or canvas, cut to the size of the hardboard panel. Leave about 1/4 inch [...]

How to Gesso a Masonite Hardboard Panel

First of all…what is Masonite? Masonite is brand of hardboard that was invented in 1924 and was originally used for many construction applications. It is formed using the Mason method of compressing and blasting wooden chips with steam and then forming them into boards. No glue of other material is added. Only natural ingredients are used which makes it an environmentally friendly product. Although I still call it Masonite, I have been told by the lumber yards that [...]