6 Ways to Create Depth in Your Landscape Painting

6 Ways to Create Depth in Your Landscape Painting

Have you ever felt as though you could walk right into a beautiful landscape painting? Like a magician, the artist has transposed the third dimension onto a flat canvas, and you the viewer are lured into a world made of paint. Creating a believable landscape painting with depth really isn't some magic trick, it's technique. For more than a century, skilled artists have used some of the following techniques to carefully orchestrate a convincing … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Create a Huge Landscape Painting

7 Steps to Create a Huge Landscape Painting

In this demo, American Impressionist Romona Youngquist shares her 7 steps to create a huge landscape  painting. Romana is one of today’s premier landscape painters. Petite in stature, she is known for her oversized, atmospheric landscape paintings. But don’t let her size fool you, Romona believes the canvas is a ‘war zone’. She attacks the painting with her weapons of choice including sandpaper, brush ends, palette knives and rags. The canvas … [Read more...]

Tips For Marketing To Strangers While Painting en Plein Air

plein air painting

Artists who work en plein air must deal with natural and self-imposed burdens every time we go out to paint - including the possibility of marketing to strangers. We load our packs (paints, thinner, brushes, palette, canvas panel, towels, garbage bags, clamps, bungee cords, sunscreen, hat, collapsible umbrella, water and power bars) carry our easels, set up and stand for hours at a time. We are at the mercy of the weather, the land and the … [Read more...]

My Week in Maine with Master Landscape Artist, T. Allen Lawson

Lighthouse sailboat Maine

For years, I have admired the poetic landscape paintings of T. Allen Lawson. So, when fellow artist Shanna Kunz asked me to join her at Tim's plein air painting workshop in Maine, I jumped at the chance!  Together with 12 other seasoned artists, we began our week at T. Allen Lawson's charming farmhouse and studio in Rockport, Maine. Tim and his wife have created a 50 acre haven for themselves and their 4 children. Surrounded by … [Read more...]

Working From Nature en Plein Air

plein air painting Sedona

As I was preparing for a recent plein air painting trip, this guest post submission caught my eye. Painter, Martin Banks reflects on his experiences of working from nature, and the challenges of painting en plein air. Working From Nature en Plein Air Working from nature is important for the artist in a number of ways. It beats working from photos hands down, although I have to say there is a role for the photograph too. What’s the point of … [Read more...]

Drawing and Painting for My Holiday Art Show

silver creek preserve idaho fly fishing river oil painting

Over the past four months, I have been busy drawing and painting for my holiday art show that is currently hanging at Kneeland Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. Lately I have been feeling in an artistic rut.  So, for this art gallery showing I have been experimenting with many new painting techniques and mediums. Most of you who follow this blog are familiar with my landscape and still life paintings. Without abandoning my artistic roots, I have … [Read more...]

My Week with Master Landscape Artist, Michael Workman


Recently, I had the rare opportunity to attend an advanced painting workshop at the Sedona Arts Center in Arizona with master landscape painter, Michael Workman. I was very excited about this experience because I have admired this elusive artist's work for many years, plus Michael is an 'artist's-artist', and one of the greatest landscape painters of our time. I was interested in learning how Michael 'deconstructs' his paintings and balances … [Read more...]

How to Use Good Reference Photos for Landscape Painting

canyon floor

Nowadays, most artists use reference photos for their studio landscape paintings. We all know that good photographs are a handy tool which can be used to create  a compelling landscape, figurative or even an abstract painting. The problem is knowing how to choose and use a good photo. This is an important step to the success of your finished painting. Problems can arise when the artist relies too heavily on photographs for their soul … [Read more...]

Use YouTube to Promote Your Next Art Show!

rusty jones barn painting

As most of you know by now, I like to share useful art tips and art marketing ideas that I have learned myself or from fellow artists. I thought you all might enjoy seeing how my Facebook artist friend, Rusty Jones is using the power of YouTube. Rusty created this great little video to promote and market his November one-man art show. He published it on his blog, Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe, Yahoo video and BlipTV. The show is entitled, … [Read more...]

My Day at “Idaho’s Wildest Rodeo”

tallest mountain in idaho, mount borah

  Where ever my travels take me, I always seem to find artistic inspiration. Today, I spent the day in the small town of Mackay, Idaho. Rustic Mackay is nestled below the tallest and most rugged mountains in Idaho. Standing at 12,668 tall, Mount Borah and its wild Lost Mountain Range would leave any landscape painter drooling. These majestic mountains were the backdrop for "Idaho's Wildest Rodeo." Many of my readers may never get an … [Read more...]




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