From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden – Interview with Lori McNee

"Lori McNee - From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden" is an excerpt from a recent interview by Eye on Sun Valley, an online Idaho news channel. Lori McNee in her Idaho studio. From Duck Stamps to Monet’s Garden - Interview with Lori McNee STORY AND PHOTOS BY KAREN BOSSICK Lori McNee’s mother once told her that she could hold a bird in her hands if she sprinkled salt on its tail. The 5-year-old took her mother’s [...]

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Perceptions of Nature – My New Encaustic Paintings

This winter I have been working really hard at a new series of artwork - encaustic wax paintings. Working with encaustic wax is a tactile, poetic, emotional experience. I am seduced by the alluring, organic translucencies of the encaustic medium. Labor intensive and difficult to master, the wax has a mind of its own, but this makes the medium even more exciting. When painting with encaustic, I am embracing the ‘unknown’ and enjoy the experience of being out [...]

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20th Anniversary of Plein Air Painting in Sun Valley, Idaho

Each year, I have the wonderful opportunity to plein air paint with a talented group of artists as well all congregate in the beautiful mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho for Kneeland Gallery's annual paint out. This week we have been painting out in the mountains and celebrating the art gallery's 20th anniversary. Art spectators have been watching up create paintings in the field which culminates with the artists' reception tonight. If any of you happend to be in the [...]

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10 Motivating Tips for the Plein Air Painter

Although some of my readers are from around the world and warmer places, many of us have endured an extra long, cold and grey winter. In fact, there is still about 3 feet of snow in my yard! But, the hint of spring is finally in the air here in Idaho, and I can't wait to get out my plein air pochade 'toy' box! I am willing to bet, many of you plein air painters are feeling [...]

Plein Air Painting in Idaho with Nationally known Artists

Each summer I have the priveledge of plein air painting alongside a talented group of Nationally recognized artists during a week long event hosted by Kneeland Gallery of Sun Valley, Idaho. Being an artist consists of many isolated hours alone in our studios or painting out in the field, so this is a special time for us all. […]

The Right Art Gallery – How I Found Mine

You now you have a better idea of how to find the right gallery. So, I thought you might be interesting in my personal 'gallery shopping' story. But first, a few relevant thoughts: Whether you want to admit it or not, being an artist is kind of like being in show business. We are in fact – entertainers or even celebrities of sorts. You will find this to be true anytime you put yourself out there in [...]