Should Artists Have Their Own Blogs?

Professionals artists and novices alike would agree: art lends itself to solitude. From the studio to the gallery—both creating and viewing art tends to be an individualized experience. But is this a necessity of the field, or just a bad habit? Art blogs help artists to reach beyond the canvas or the computer screen and to make contact with thousands of other creatives all across the world. Many artists have done just this. Blogging provides any creative-minded individual [...]

Tips for Selling Art on Facebook: A Success Story

In order to help other artists and myself, I am always on the hunt for great success stories of other creatives. Recently, one of my valued readers shared her success story with me. After reading the popular post entitled, How to Sell Art on Facebook - One Artist's Way, Kelli tried out some of these Facebook selling techniques herself and the results were phenomenal! I am so grateful to have helped a fellow artist in some small [...]

How to Sell Art on Facebook – One Artist’s Way

When I joined Facebook, it wasn't to sell art on Facebook. Originally, I was looking to find old friends and make new ones. My list of friends grew, and I started posting my paintings in a photo album on Facebook. Suddenly, people wanted to buy my paintings. So here's what I did to sell art on Facebook: I posted purchasing information in each photo caption and instructed potential buyers to be first one to leave a "Sold" [...]