How to Keep Your Artistic New Year’s Resolutions

For most people, the beginning of a new year feels like the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. We set resolutions for ourselves to purge bad habits, and begin new routines. The new year is also a great time to put some attainable artistic resolutions in place. Nevertheless, New Year's Resolutions are easier to make but much harder to keep. That's why for some, it might be simpler to turn those hard-to-keep artistic resolutions into achievable New Year's Goals. [...]

Overwhelmed in the Studio? Check Your Work Habits!

Having just returned from a wonderful tropical vacation in the Virgin Islands after leaving snowy, gray Idaho for two weeks.  After a trip like that I should be recharged and ready to tackle the work I left behind – right?  Wrong.  In fact, I am feeling blue. I am overwhelmed by the work ahead; I don’t know where to start!  Before I left town I was on such ‘a roll’…what happened?  Obviously, I have gotten out of the [...]