Demystifying Social Media for Artists

Okay, let me say this right off: there is no social-media magic bullet. None. I know, because I spent months trying to find one. A word of introduction: "I've been using social media in its various forms for more than a decade, but it's only in the past year and a half that I really stepped up my efforts. The results couldn't be more obvious - sales and commissions are up by close to 300%." ~Bret Taylor [...]

10 Important Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know: Part 2

As we learned in the recent post, 10 Important Things Every Aspiring Artist Should Know: Part 1, there are some very important things that aspiring artists need to know before they strike out on their own to make it as a professional. Being a professional at anything takes skill, hard work, perseverance, confidence and knowledge. I hope these two articles help arm you with some of the tools needed to make the move from an amateur to a professional artist. #6 [...]

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How to Market Art & Illustration Online

In this article I provide advice on how to promote and how to market art and illustration and your services online whether you are an artist or an illustrator.There are literally thousands of people in the world who have a talent for art and illustration; unfortunately we will never get to enjoy the work produced by these people as they may not be marketing their skills successfully. Many artists and illustrators I know have cupboards filled with high [...]