Art Buying Secrets from Top Interior Designers

Art Buying Secrets from Top Interior Designers

Interior designers are at the forefront of the hottest design trends and can keep you on the cutting edge of what is happening. This knowledge is an invaluable tool as you create new art, seek new sales avenues and grow your collector base. Through social media I've met a lot of wonderful people, especially interior designers. They're such a great group of people who truly love what they do for a living. As an artist, if you're not connecting … [Read more...]

My Christmas Wish for You!

Lori Christmas 2011

Hello friends. Today, I just want to take a moment to wish all of my valuable blog readers, and social media friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. In this video you will hear my Christmas wish for you! ~Lori :)   I hope to meet you on Twitter and Facebook and Google Plus! ~Lori (If you want to see what I paint, please check out my paintings) Here are a few more articles you might enjoy: Creating … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Expand Your Artistic Repertoire

painter painting the sky clouds

This guest post is especially relevant for me right now due to the fact that I am working on expanding my own artistic repertoire. Although I still enjoy painting my artistic subject matter, I have become a bit bored and I want to spice it up! To do this, I have begun taking private abstract painting classes as well as an encaustic workshop that starts later this week. My goal is to learn a few new techniques that will add a new dimension to my … [Read more...]

On My Easel #3: From Lemons to Lemonade

Italian pitcher and lemon oil painting with bluebird

On My Easel is a series of articles that records the trials and tribulations of my own personal painting journey. Yes, I am a working artist and lately, I have been getting ready for my upcoming annual still life show at Kneeland Gallery. This old Italian pitcher has been collecting dust on my kitchen self, when one day, those decorative lemons on the vessel just seemed to jump out at me. I dusted off the pitcher, and ran off to the grocery … [Read more...]

The Best of 2010: Articles on Art, Marketing & Social Media


As 2010 quickly comes to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and dig up some of this year's popular posts. Many interesting art business & marketing tips, social media advice and fine art tips are buried in the back pages of this blog, so I have listed some of your favorite posts below for your convenience. Thank you to those of you who have sent in the many informative and helpful guest posts and informative comments this … [Read more...]

❅ Season’s Greetings from Lori McNee ❅


Hello friends, and Season’s Greetings! I just want to share my holiday wish for you: ❅❅ Peace of mind, prosperity throughout the New Year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, inspiration around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, and lots of great art supplies to fill your stockings! ❅❅ Thank you for supporting the arts and for making 2010 an exciting year for Fine Art Tips. ♥ Happy creating & Happy … [Read more...]

How to Paint Iridescent Bird Feathers & Make Them Glow


Often, I get asked how I make my paintings and birds seem to glow. A few months ago, I made a video while painting this still life painting, "Jeweled Visitors" and decided to edit it down into a short clip to illustrate how I paint iridescent bird feathers. This is a quick little flick, but I hope it helps you understand how to make your bird feathers look iridescent and make them glow!   Here are a few tips to remember: To give … [Read more...]

My Tips for Painting Animal Fur: Monkey Video Demo


Believe it or not, I started my professional art career as a wildlife artist! ...and I learned from the best. Robert Bateman, John Seerey-Lester, Guy Coheleach, Alan Hunt and Carl Brenders taught me how to paint eyes, feathers and animal fur really well, while the late Vivi Crandall shared her amazing brushwork and color theory secrets with me. In the speed video below, I demonstrate how to paint a realistic monkey. The same techniques can be … [Read more...]

Vinyl Art: Painting Portraits of Musicians on Records


Twitter has introduced me to many gifted and ingenious artists and creatives. Daniel Edlen, known as @vinylart on Twitter, caught my eye recently. Daniel paints Vinyl Art, portraits of musicians and entertainers on vinyl records. Instead of Elvis on velvet, think Elvis on an Elvis record! Read on to learn more about this artist and his unusual canvas... ***** I've been creating art for a long time. Not as a job, but as a passion. I think … [Read more...]

Landscape Painting Demo by a Master: Dennis Sheehan

dennis sheehan moody landscape painting

Whenever I watch a talented artist paint, I always learn something new. I actually own a few paintings by this master landscape painter, Dennis Sheehan. He and I are inspired by many of the same forefathers of landscape painting - the Barbizon painters, the Luminists, and the Tonalists. I have always dreamed of attending one of his popular workshops back east, watching this video is the next best thing! I hope you enjoy this … [Read more...]




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