Found Objects – Finding Creative Possibilities in People, Places and Things

Artists are certainly familiar with the creative concept of “found objects” as a way to turn ordinary items, perhaps through only minimal manipulation, into art. As an artistic creative concept, the idea of using found objects is nearly one hundred years old and has been embraced by Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, and Man Ray, among others. A Ginormous Found Object with Creative Possibilities While I’ve painted pictures on old bathroom cabinet doors and created a sculpture from a baseball [...]

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Eco Friendly Art Brands and Materials

In the recent post, How to Become An Eco Friendly Artist, artist Scott Denholm shared his interesting environmentally friendly studio tips. Please enjoy Part 2 where Scott gets specific. Below he shares his suppliers, and more great ideas, and examples to help you create your own eco friendly studio. ***** Transforming your art and studio to become environmentally friendly isn't an easy task, and many artists struggle. I'm also one artist who's gone through the process. In order to help [...]

Creating an Earth-Friendly & Healthy Art Studio

Daisy Gazing ©2011 Joanie Springer Looking for a healthier lifestyle, I made the move from Southern California to the Rocky Mountains of Idaho over 25 years ago. However, until recently I did not know that the air pollution in my art studio and home may be more of a health concern than the air pollution outside! According to a number of national organizations, including the American Lung Association, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the [...]