Helpful Books for Artists And Photographers

Along with my painting, I love to write. So it is a pleasure to be writing books again this year for the Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market and the Photographer's Market 2013 editions published by North Light Books! These books are filled with valuable information. For 38 years, Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and the Photographer’s Market have been a top resource for artist’s, illustrators, designers, cartoonists and photographers looking to establish their artistic careers. Learn how to get [...]

A Favorite Book – The Yin Yang of Painting

  Recently, I have been doing a series of posts that have to do with yin and yang in painting.  To read, click "Texture & Application,"  "Color Harmony,"  "Opposites Attract in Painting," "Composition - Yin Yang of Painting." I have had a good time learning and researching this subject online and in books.  "The Yin/Yang of Painting," has been especially enlightening and beautiful to read.  The art is luminous and well executed.  If this subject interests you, I suggest you open [...]