How to Choose The Best Blogging Platform

Starting a blog can be scary, and deciding how to choose the best blogging platform is confusing. The internet seems like a complex world of servers, coding, and web design, and with so much information online, it’s hard to know who to trust. I was there 6 years ago and I know how you feel. But you know those experiences in life where you look back and can’t imagine where you would be if you hadn’t taken that [...]

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What is a Blog and How to Become an Art Blogger

Like I've said before, artists have been on the forefront of every great era - even blogging, lol! Nowadays, most professional artists have blogs or websites. Artists should consider blogging because it is far more versatile than a website. Today kicks off a helpful series of articles about blogging and how to become a blogger. Tomorrow, professional blogger and blogging coach, John Paul Aguiar shares his guest post, "5 Simple Steps to Start Your First Blog." Meanwhile, [...]

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