Clean PaintBrushes With This Quick Tip

Keeping our paintbrushes in good working condition is not only important to the artist's productivity in the studio, but it is also important to the artist's pocketbook! Paintbrushes are expensive. Nevertheless, sometimes we get rushed, or even lazy, and the end up with 'hard to clean' paint brushes.  Below is a quick tip to cleaning hardened acrylic paint from your brushes. I plan to give this one a try... ~Lori ***** Clean Paintbrushes With This Quick Tip [...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Ken Newman, Sculpting on the Road

Talented sculpter, Ken Newman has taken his sculpting on the road in his fifth wheel trailer! Since then, Ken is fast becoming a favorite artist at art exhibitions, shows, and art museums. A few years ago, I met Ken on Twitter and then had the opportunity to meet him in person at one of his annual art shows in my hometown. Ken has made an impact in the art community with his online presence which includes a great blog and dedication to [...]

How to Use Good Reference Photos for Landscape Painting

Nowadays, most artists use reference photos for their studio landscape paintings. We all know that good photographs are a handy tool which can be used to create  a compelling landscape, figurative or even an abstract painting. The problem is knowing how to choose and use a good photo. This is an important step to the success of your finished painting. Problems can arise when the artist relies too heavily on photographs for their soul inspiration because photos obviously lack [...]

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A Pastel Study – Tips & Demo

"Why would one do a pastel study?" you might ask. I believe it is for the same reason a pianist practices their scales, or a figure skater practices their figure eights and jumps. Only until those small components of your art become second nature and you have solved the small problems, are you able to put the pieces together into a "long" program where your emotion and passion creates something complete and whole. In "Green Grapes Study" [...]