Conquering Mental Illness Through Art

Contrary to popular belief, mental illness can be overcome through art. Artist David Sandum is a shining example of this. In his new book, "I'll Run Till The Sun Goes Down," David shares an intimate journey of courage, self-discovery, and awakening the artist within. We've all heard how artists suffer for their art, but undeniably some art is created from suffering. According to The Stanford Journal of Neuroscience, contradiction of the genius who creates great artwork despite (or [...]

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The Gift of Art

This holiday season, I am reflecting on the importance of art, our freedom to create, and the gift of art in our lives. Art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and solutions in a creative way other than written or verbal. Throughout history, every culture has developed some form of art just as it has developed language. Art and cultured societies are inseparable. Yet today art is often regarded as a luxury item, a non-essential. When times get tough [...]

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Extracting Beauty from Pain Through Art

The Scream For many artists, the desire to paint is inevitably born out of an urge to represent the beautiful, to celebrate an event, or emotion in a positive light. Yet for many others, as diverse as Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya and more recently the Chapman Brothers, the inspiration for art emerges from a far darker place, pain. The medium of painting provides the ideal conduit upon which artists can express their emotions, both negative [...]

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Art and Its Healing Effects

Art has been said to be an expression of both hope and despair. This holiday season, as Americans struggle to find comfort in the aftershock of a year filled with unthinkable tragedies - Art offers us opportunities to heal. Scientific studies prove that art heals by changing a person's physiology and attitude. This change improves a person's perception of their world. Both beautiful art and music are known to create a positive, healing physiology on a cellular [...]