Eco Friendly Art Brands and Materials

In the recent post, How to Become An Eco Friendly Artist, artist Scott Denholm shared his interesting environmentally friendly studio tips. Please enjoy Part 2 where Scott gets specific. Below he shares his suppliers, and more great ideas, and examples to help you create your own eco friendly studio. ***** Transforming your art and studio to become environmentally friendly isn't an easy task, and many artists struggle. I'm also one artist who's gone through the process. In order to help [...]

Who Says Art Can’t Be Fun?

Do we need to give ourselves permission to smile? To Play? To have Fun? During Yoga, my instructor said, “Allow the corners of your mouth to stretch out to your ears.”  We all smiled, but, I was surprised at how unsmiling my facial muscles had been just moments before. The word that flashed neon in my mind me was, “Allow.” Do we also need to give ourselves permission to do the same when it comes to our art? [...]

Choosing Quality Art Materials and Supplies

When I entered graduate school, I first experienced the raw difference in quality art materials and supplies. There was such a huge distinction between the materials I used in the shop (the scene shop) to the materials I used in the studio, and I could immediately see the results in both different types of paints, and in different papers, and substrates. It wasn’t an intentional experiment to find better quality, but it sold me on how quality makes a [...]

Creating Art in Small Studios

Believe it or not, many successful and dedicated artists create beautiful art in small studios. Over the years, I have been inspired by my artist friends who visit my Facebook Fine Art Tips fan page and share their stories. I've loved seeing photos of their studios, and the artwork they create. I hope you enjoy seeing how some of your fellow artists are creating fabulous art in small studios. These artists don't let any excuses get in their way! Max [...]