Art and the Empty Nest

This week, I’m back to an empty nest. My daughter just returned to college after spending a fun summer at home with me. As a creative momprenuer and mother of three young adults, the "empty nest" is a bittersweet ritual I know quite well. Yet, I still experience recurring pangs of sadness when my kids come home, and then leave again. Over the past five years my life has changed. After devoting 23 years of my life to [...]

Balancing Parenthood and Your Art Career

It seems a bit ironic to be writing this post on balancing parenthood and your art career since I officially became an 'empty nester' last month. That's right, my three kids are all out my house and leading their own lives as young adults. One just graduated from grad school and now is a 3D artist, one is in college and my youngest is working in California. I am proud of them all, but it is a [...]

6 Ways to Help Artists Deal with Negative Criticism

Guest Author: The following post was originally on Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen – that person that you’ve just been dying to have come to your studio or look at your portfolio finally does… and they don’t like what they see. But instead of being crushed by the experience, how can you respond to negative criticism in a way that turns the whole situation into a positive one? In this article, I’ve laid out a [...]

When Are You Ready to Call Yourself a Professional Artist?

Anyone can consider himself or herself a professional artist, but that doesn’t make it so. I ran a juried contest in which I asked artists to define, "When are you ready to call yourself a professional artist?" Here are the definitions offered by the winners: “Anybody can order business cards, obtain a business license and call themselves a professional. To be a true professional requires a commitment of time and resources, a commitment to detail. A true [...]

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You Are in Charge of Your Art Career!

Gone are the days of art professionals taking care of you. We are each responsible for our own lives and our own choices as artists. The sooner you learn to take control of your art career, the better. Sometimes it is just a matter of looking at things you already know, and assessing this information in an organized manner. Other times, you need to learn from the experience of artists who have gone before you, so that [...]