5 Small Business Mistakes To Avoid


Whoops! You made a mistake with your small business...it's ok, we all do it, and now you can learn from it and avoid it from happening again. But, what if you don't know you're making a mistake? What if it's not clear that a mistake even exists? You may think your sales are just slow, but something is actually preventing you from selling your products and being successful. Here are 5 small business mistakes to avoid: Mistake #1: Unclear … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Artists to Promote Themselves & Their Galleries

a business handshake

As mentioned in our recent popular blog post series, "The Visual Artist's Challenge - Should I Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors or Both?" and "The Visual Artist's Challenge II - Balancing Self Promotion & Gallery Representation", Barney Davey along with our guest - gallery owner/art marketing expert, Jason Horejs and myself discussed the influence of the economy and Social Media on the art market and the huge shift in how artwork … [Read more...]




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