Why It’s a Great Time in History to be a Creative Person

Last year Anthony Meindl, Hollywood's #1 acting coach wrote the inspiring guest post, "Where Does Art Come From?"  A multitalented, creative person, Anthony is also the author of the new book, "Alphabet Soup For Grown-Ups: 26 Ways Not To Worry." ...and he is my youngest son's acting coach! Recently, I was able to ask Tony two questions... What inspired you to write the book? I think we’re really experiencing this amazing Renaissance in understanding spirituality and creativity [...]

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Where Does Art Come From?

All creating, all art, begins in the Unknown. ~Anthony Meindl  We’re creatures of habit. We seek routine and safety. That’s why creating art is a mysterious process for everyone. Mysterious. Mystery occurs outside of our safety zones - in the unknown. We’re taught from an early age that the unknown is a scary and unsafe place to be. It’s unfamiliar. It involves risk. So we do everything we can to prevent going there. Even though going there [...]