3 Reasons Why Triptych Art Is Successful

3 reasons Why Triptych’s Are Successful

Triptych art is made up of three panels that are intended to be displayed together. A triptych is from the Greek adjective τρίπτυχον meaning "three-fold". The first triptychs were from early Christian art, which were a popular format for altar paintings from the Middle Ages onwards. Today triptych art is still defined as a work of art, usually panel paintings, digital art or photography divided into three sections. When the triptych art form … [Read more...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Abstract Painter Matt LeBlanc


Today, I am pleased to introduce to you an abstract painter and one of the major influencers behind the #PowerArtists series, Matt LeBlanc. Although Matt and I have never met in person, I consider Matt a dear friend and colleague...thanks to social media. Not only is Matt a talented artist, he is also a savy businessman, and a loving family man with charitable heart. When Matt feels passionately about a cause, he puts his whole heart and soul … [Read more...]

Tips for Selling Art on Facebook: A Success Story

kelli bickman abstract landscape painting flowering trees

In order to help other artists and myself, I am always on the hunt for great success stories of other creatives. Recently, one of my valued readers shared her success story with me. After reading the popular FineArtTips.com post entitled, How to Sell Art on Facebook - One Artist's Way, Kelli tried out some of these Facebook selling techniques herself and the results were phenomenal! I am so grateful to have helped a fellow artist in some small … [Read more...]

How One Artist Created a Successful Art Campaign

matt leblanc abstract artist

Giving back to the community with the gift of art is a great way to benefit others as well as yourself. My good friend, abstract artist Matt LeBlanc, has shared some great articles with us in the past. However, this post is different and very inspiring. On his own, Matt has created a successful art campaign to raise money for a charity he believes in, the fight against cancer... Matt lost his sister to this heartless disease when she was only … [Read more...]

Why Paint Abstract Art?


In the popular post,Painting Abstracts: The Process Behind the Art, a talented young abstract artist gives us a rare glimpse into the thought process and inspiration behind his abstract paintings. Abstract art, otherwise known as Modern Art mystifies many people, including representational artists. The untrained eye might have trouble understanding and appreciating it as a serious art form. We have all heard people say (or thought … [Read more...]




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