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The Waters Edge ©LoriMcNee 20x30

still life

Early Spring Chickadee 24x12 Lori McNee

encaustic & mixed media


plein air


“I would like to paint the way a bird sings” ~ Monet

My broad spectrum of work includes still life, landscape and plein air paintings in oil and encaustic. When out painting in the field, Mother Nature is in charge. However when painting a still life, I am able to create my own small universe. These elegant arrangements are a juxtaposition of nature-made and man-made objects and most always include birds. Often metaphorical paintings, they echo the delicate balance between nature and man.

Working with encaustic wax is a tactile, poetic, expressive experience. Labor intensive and difficult to master, I must relinquish some element of control with each stroke of the brush. The wax has a mind of its own, but this makes the medium even more exciting. Yet, there is something meditative about encaustic painting as I work in unison with the wax, molding, sculpting and guiding it in order to manifest the creative vision.

Whether it is a landscape, still life, or encaustic painting, I respond to the effects of color, light or atmosphere on the subject. Much of what I paint is connected to my past.

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