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Fine Art Tips is the semi-collaborative art blog of, Lori McNee artist—which means you can submit your own guest article of art tips, social media advice, blogging tips, inspiration and art related articles.

If you’d like to submit your art tip, review yourself or another artist, share social media or blogging advice, write a tutorial, or share some other interesting art topic or technique, please submit your article. Please see the ‘guest post guidelines’ below…

Why? I will link to your website and this will help you gain exposure and traffic to your own website or blog!

What? Many of the tips on this site have been written by me, but I also include well written original articles by guest artists and art bloggers as well as social media experts, pro bloggerssmall business advisors and inspirational writers.  With all this information,  is very helpful to artists.

** Re: Original Content. Please make sure to only submit original content that has not be previously published. Google / Panda will see this as duplicate content and it will hurt both of our sites. Posting original content is more important now than ever. If recycling a previous article, it needs to be changed at least 50% to be safe.

Content ideas: I am a realistic oil painter, so I could use your help about other mediums and painting styles. So please send in well written information on oils, acrylics, watercolors, impressionism, plein air, abstraction, mixed media, sculpture, museums, fine art photography or anything fine art related. Also, I like to advice my readers on other topics like, social media tips, blogging tips, SEO, motivation, inspiration…anything that will help creative people!

Please try and keep the article between 300-800 words.

How to submit? Please use the form below to submit your article or idea. You may email me with any questions, Before submitting, please read the Terms of Use & Agreements below.

lori mcnee plein air artist with hat Thanks for participating! ~Lori :-)

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Terms of Use & Agreements:

Thank you for considering submitting your original article or art with Below are the terms of use and agreements for

 Guest Post Guidelines

For artists submitting articles:
By submitting an article you give express permission to edit, revise, or in any way alter your article before or after publishing it on Reasons for changing your article may include fixing spelling errors, editing for length or clarity, or even optimizing your article for the search engines.

You will retain the copyright to your original article, however, you are giving permission to publish, edit, modify in whole or in part on and other related materials, magazines, media, and partnership sites.

Fine Art Tips is looking for original content. FineArtTips is interested in helping other artists and will chose well written articles for that purpose. can’t guarantee that every article submitted will be published, but if so, you will be credited as the author with a link back to your website or art blog.

For all visitors:
Articles and information on are provided “as is.” will not be liable for any mistakes you find, whether typographical or factual.

In addition, the and logos and layouts are copyright and may not be reproduced for any reason. All other original artwork is protected under copyright law either by myself or the artists that created them. Please do not use them without emailing me for permission.

All written content is protected by copyright law as well and may not be reproduced without express permission. If you’d like to publish a article on your blog or magazine please email me, Although I welcome and thank you for links to blog posts!

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