How to Sell Art on YouTube


If you are anything like me, you may sit on the couch late at night surfing through all sorts of videos on Youtube. Everything from hilarious clips of your favorite TV show to short instructional videos around specific tasks. But, did you know that Youtube can be a hugely effective marketing tool for your art? Val's Art Diary - Alice in Wonderland I've been following Val for years. Her videos are the best examples of how to sell your art … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Why Artists Should Join Google Plus

Screen shot 2011-07-12 at 5.18.37 PM

Many of us are overwhelmed by the number of 'must have' social networks that keep cropping up on the Internet. Yes even I, the big social media proponent for artists, have been feeling this way. I am already managing two blogs, a strong Twitter profile, a Facebook Fan Page , YouTube channel, and Stumblupon account while juggling my art career and family. So, I  actually felt a sense of trepidation last week when I joined the newest social … [Read more...]

12 Compelling Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter

twitter birds

Recently, I have received a few comments from artists who feel that social media is just a lot of hype. Last week I wrote a guest article for my friends at Meylah filled with compelling reasons why artists should use Twitter. I hope this post helps my readers understand how to use social media as part of their free art marketing plan. ~Lori :) 12 Persuasive Reasons Why Artists Should Use Twitter written by Lori McNee, originally posted on … [Read more...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Wildlife Painter Rebecca Latham

woman holding wolf pup

Wildlife artist, Rebecca Latham and I use to show at the same gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so it has been especially nice catching up with her on Twitter. Rebecca is a young, rare talent who comes from a family legacy of world renowned wildlife artists. I am so impressed with Rebecca's love of nature and her attention to detail that is reflected in her beautiful paintings and her tweets! It has been fun watching this artist embrace and … [Read more...]

Paint Your Own Social Media Portrait


By now, anyone who has been following this blog knows that I am a big proponent of social media and its benefits to artists as a free marketing medium. Social media has been proven to be one of the fastest and most effective means of promoting your art brand, building contacts and announcing events - I know this from personal experience. Below, today's guest post shares some unique ways to help you do just that! ~Lori Guest … [Read more...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Abstract Textile Artist, Lisa Call

Lisa Call artist

If you have been using Twitter as a networking and marketing tool for your art business, most likely you have tweeted with textile artist, Lisa Call. Lisa has a strong social media presence and she understands the importance of taking charge of your own art career in this ever changing marketplace. I hope you enjoy a peek into Lisa's daily life as she juggles a job, teenagers, social media and a successful art career! “PowerArtists are the … [Read more...]

Demystifying Social Media for Artists

social media questions

Okay, let me say this right off: there is no social-media magic bullet. None. I know, because I spent months trying to find one. A word of introduction: "I've been using social media in its various forms for more than a decade, but it's only in the past year and a half that I really stepped up my efforts. The results couldn't be more obvious - sales and commissions are up by close to 300%." ~Bret Taylor I read countless articles, went to … [Read more...]

#PowerArtists Interview with Pencil Artist Extraordinaire, Nemo

nemo 2

You have heard of Cher, Madonna, and Prince, but let me introduce you to a social media rockstar artist, 'Nemo'.  Nemo is a unique individual who has successfully found his own personal flair and artistic voice, drawing with the pencil. In fact, last year Nemo wrote a popular guest post on this very subject entitled, How to Find Your Own Artistic Voice. Nemo's popularity has grown to where he gave up his 40 hour a week career as a graphic … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why You Got Unfriended on Facebook

facebook friends montage

Gaining new 'friends' on Facebook is half the fun of it, the other half is serious business. So, what happens when you notice your friend count just went from 372, down to 370? Yikes - you just got unfriended by two friends, and for no apparent reason! Check out these 10 reasons below to help you figure it all out...but, first... Let's be grateful that Facebook does not publicly humiliate us all by listing who had the audacity to unfriended us. … [Read more...]




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