Plum TV Visits My Art Studio

Plum production1

Last night I got the call I've been hoping for from the general manager of Plum TV.  With less than 24 hours notice, JR and Ali from the talented Plum TV production crew arrived at my front door to begin filming, "A Day in the Life of Lori McNee Artist".  Thank goodness I overhauled and cleaned my studio this past weekend!   Plum TV is the first and only 24-hour lifestyle network that targets the most active, influential, and educated audience … [Read more...]

Newsletter Art Marketing Tips that Work!

brian kliewer2

This article is one of the last in our special art marketing series, "Thinking Outside the Frame". These informative posts have been shared by working artists and galleries who are coming up with creative marketing ideas for selling artwork in this challenging art economy. I am thankful for the talented working artists who have shared their resourceful ideas with Fine Art Tips. One subject we have not addressed is the importance of … [Read more...]

7 Tips to Create a Great Avatar


Most people are familiar with the term "avatar" since it was popularized in the movie, Avatar.  However, let me explain the two types of  avatars: A computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games.   The two-dimensional avatar (picture, icon) to be used on Internet forums and other Social Media communities. It can also refer to the personality connected with the … [Read more...]

How to Sell Art on Facebook – One Artist’s Way

horse painting facebook

by guest artist/author: Caren When I joined Facebook, it wasn't to sell art. Originally, I was looking to find old friends and make new ones. My list of friends grew, and I started posting my paintings in a photo album on Facebook. Suddenly, people wanted to buy my paintings. So here's what I did to sell art on Facebook: I posted purchasing information in each photo caption and instructed potential buyers to be first one to leave a "Sold" … [Read more...]

SEO Tips to Rank Your Twitter & Facebook Pages Higher on Google


Continuing with our series of art marketing articles for "Thinking Outside the Frame", the following guest post will help you do just that... guest author: John Paul Aguiar Now that Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages are included in Google search results, I thought I would share with you a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips to get more SEO push out of your Twitter and Facebook pages. You should be using Twitter and Facebook to connect and … [Read more...]

Fine Art Tips Now on Facebook!


  This is a quick announcement to let all my friends and followers know that Fine Art Tips is now on Facebook. If you like the information you find on this art blog, please follow Fine Art Tips on Facebook for more art tips, and some fun interaction with other artists and me! Just click the 'like' button. This is a great networking opportunity to meet many artists and grow your own Facebook friends. The importance of Social Media to the … [Read more...]

How Artists Can Use YouTube Video to Improve Marketing


Over the past year, I have discovered the value of video marketing. I have been learning how to edit, optimize and upload my own videos which is a rewarding experience. You do not have to be the next James Cameron to create an entertaining video that generates many views and increases traffic to your site. Below, are some video marketing tips and stats that I have learned. The basic idea behind using video is to drive traffic to your … [Read more...]

The Real Story of Twitter’s 1st Art Auction – @140hours

twitter 140

 The following guest post by Gary Brant is the first in the series of inspiring and informative articles by working artists, galleries and individuals who are 'Thinking Outside the Frame' with creative art marketing ideas in this challenging economy.  Gary, a true visionary, has created a revolutionary online art auction using the power of Social Media. The World's 1st Twitter Art Auction & Supporter of International Charities. On a … [Read more...]

“Thinking Outside the Frame” – What’s Your Art Marketing Tip?


We are all feeling the pinch in this challenging marketplace. Gone are the days of painting good paintings, framing them nicely and relying solely on our galleries for sales. Now is the time of natural selection and survival of the fittest! Artists and galleries must evolve and creatively think 'outside the frame' ... Over the next few weeks I am planning a series of informative articles by working artists and galleries who are coming up with … [Read more...]

One Simple and Effective Way to Show The World You’re an Art Pro

World Pro

Guest artist/author: Stacey Cornelius Recently, I had the opporunity to help a painter put together a new portfolio to take to galleries. She was going on a trip and decided to look for a few new venues while she was away. This artist is a very good writer, so I made only a few edits to her artist's statement. She had her CV (curriculum vitae) nicely formatted, a couple of reviews, a business card, and some wonderful reproductions of her work … [Read more...]




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