The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media & Me!


 Tonight I came across the article, The 100 Greatest Women in Social Media and was surprised to see my name on this distinguished list of Social Media Divas! Scott Bryant begins, "They come from all walks of life with one purpose: to help change the world through the fast-growing world of social media. But most of all, they’re the women we have all grown to love and admire. To show my appreciation for these hard-working and inspirational … [Read more...]

Use YouTube to Promote Your Next Art Show!

rusty jones barn painting

As most of you know by now, I like to share useful art tips and art marketing ideas that I have learned myself or from fellow artists. I thought you all might enjoy seeing how my Facebook artist friend, Rusty Jones is using the power of YouTube. Rusty created this great little video to promote and market his November one-man art show. He published it on his blog, Youtube, Facebook, Metacafe, Yahoo video and BlipTV. The show is entitled, … [Read more...]

The Art of Self-promotion for Visual Artists & Creatives


Without marketing and self-promotion what you have is a pleasant hobby. The following article is about self-promotion for visual artists however, nearly all of what is offered would work for any creative person seeking to market themselves. The valuable suggestions here are offered to help artists and creatives improve the art of self-promotion. This is the last article in our popular collaborative series of blog posts that art marketing and … [Read more...]

How I Stopped a “Copycat Artist” on Facebook


They say that, "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery," which sounds very nice until it actually happens to YOU with a copycat. Last weekend I was enjoying myself while reading some flattering comments that had been made about one of my paintings by an artist 'friend' who called himself, "Beni Mellal" from Mexico. Out of curiousity, I decided to check out Beni's paintings... Much to my surprise and shock, I found Beni's painting … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Artists to Promote Themselves & Their Galleries

a business handshake

As mentioned in our recent popular blog post series, "The Visual Artist's Challenge - Should I Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors or Both?" and "The Visual Artist's Challenge II - Balancing Self Promotion & Gallery Representation", Barney Davey along with our guest - gallery owner/art marketing expert, Jason Horejs and myself discussed the influence of the economy and Social Media on the art market and the huge shift in how artwork … [Read more...]

8 Tips to Create a Great Blog Post


In the previous article, Jason Dirks of shared 3 Reasons to Start a Creative Blog for Your Business. Jason's '3 Reasons' are motivational to non-bloggers and validating to established art bloggers like myself. Below, Jason provides some more valuable blogging advice that you don't want to miss! by guest author: Jason Dirks of There are several important things that make a good blog post. Now that we know why you should … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Start a Creative Blog for Your Business


Have you ever asked yourself..."Why do I need a blog?" or "How can a blog help my creative business?" First of all, what is a blog? The term "blog" comes from "web log" which can best be described as an online journal or diary. I used to think that blogging was reserved for authors and newspaper columnists.  But, blogging is one of the best ways for small businesses to integrate into an onlinebusiness marketing toolespecially if you’re an … [Read more...]

Visual Artist’s Challenge II – Balancing Self Promotion & Gallery Representation

with Barney Davey & Jason Horejs

As mentioned in the provocative article, The Visual Artist’s Challenge – Should Artists Work with Galleries, Go Direct to Collectors or Both?, art marketing expert and fellow art blogger, Barney Davey, and I both agreed on a strategy that incorporates a healthy combination of gallery representation and self promotion. But how does the artist balance promoting oneself while maintaining a successful business relationship with his or her … [Read more...]

How to Sell Art on Twitter – One Artist’s Way

stone angel

Most online artists use Twitter, Facebook and other forms of Social Media in order to build their brand identity, and to drive traffic to their website and galleries in hopes of selling their art. But, selling art through Social Media is tricky and puzzling to many. Selling art on Twitter can be done. I have personally proven this by selling a few small paintings through @140hours, the first Twitter online art auction. But, how does the … [Read more...]

Plum TV Presents, “A Day in the Life of Artist Lori McNee”


Last week, Plum TV visited my studio and followed me around while filming, "A Day in the Life of Artist Lori McNee". This short 4 min video starts in my Idaho studio and journeys into the field for some plein air painting and a few interesting wildlife encounters! Please click the below link to view the video. I hope you enjoy this little view into my world... P.S. This whole experience has been made possible by my presence on Social … [Read more...]




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