How to Use Your Twitter Friends as Character References

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Since I began using Twitter in 2009, I have made life changing friendships via social media. Many of these 'friends' have become professional colleagues, and personal friends. Recently, I have discovered a great way to use tweets as 'character references' for my resume. Twitter is the perfect place to gather character references from friends who tweet strong positive statements about you, and your expertise. Over the past few months, I have … [Read more...]

How to Create a Mobile Website for Your Art Business


As an artist, you might think that creating a mobile website wouldn’t be all that important. But did you know that by 2013, the number one way people will access the Internet will be via their mobile devices? That means more and more people are going to expect you to have a mobile version of your website. The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to create a mobile website for your art gallery, online portfolio or just about any other … [Read more...]

Lessons I Learned When My Blog Got Hacked


Never could I have imagined that my little happy art blogs would be hacked by a sophisticated hacking ring of criminals, but this is exactly what has happened to and In fact, the hacker took great pride in pointing my blogs to a page that proudly displayed, “Hacked by ViciOuS”.   Honestly, I am a bit reluctant to write about this topic because I do not want to give this malicious hacker any publicity, plus this … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Art Blog or Website

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When was the last time that you thoroughly checked and edited your art blog or website to see that everything was in order? I mean going through your website page by page, post by post and image by image to see if everything was labeled, titled, tagged and in proper order? Like most of us, since we are all very busy, I am sure that the answer is “Geez, I don’t know”. If you can take some time to look at your art blog and website with a critical … [Read more...]

14 Art Business Tips from the Top Pros on Twitter


Twitter is a treasure trove filled with a bounty of knowledge from any niche including art - you just need to know where to find it and start digging! I sent out a 'tweet'  to some of the most respected art business stars on Twitter. This is what I asked, "will u share an art biz tip in 140 characters 4 an upcoming twitter art star post. u can add a link if u want & i'll link 2 u" I got a great response from the art business pros on … [Read more...]

Take Time to Unplug: Disconnect to Connect

unplug from technology

After getting out of bed this morning and pouring myself a cup of tea, I quickly 'connected' to my blog's lifeline to you through my iMac computer. It is time for me to 'plug' back into the cyber world and get back to work, even though I am aware of the importance of knowing when to unplug. No matter what business you are in, I think you will find this little post interesting... One of the mind-boggling benefits about the Internet and social … [Read more...]

A Customized Storefront Blog for Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs


Over the past few weeks, I have posted some useful articles geared toward teaching the basics of blogging for the artist and creative entrepreneur. My good friend and popular guest blogger, Jason Dirks of Meylah is the owner of a wonderful and eye pleasing new online blogging platform designed for artists, handmade crafters and photographers, etc. If you are considering starting a new blog and improving your art/craft income, please check this … [Read more...]

Is a WordPress Blog Platform Right for You?

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Are you an artist or creative person who wants a blog? After reading, 5 Simple Steps to Start a Blog, you are now ready to begin. But, there are so many blogging platforms out, how do you decide which one is right for you? Below is a quick overview to help you decide... Before we get started, I just want to say that I wish I understood the following information before I started blogging about 1 1/2 years ago! I didn't know that I … [Read more...]

What is a Blog and How to Become an Art Blogger

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Like I've said before, artists have been on the forefront of every great era - even blogging, lol! Nowadays, most professional artists have blogs or websites. Artists should consider blogging because it is far more versatile than a website. Today kicks off a helpful series of articles about blogging and how to become a blogger. Tomorrow, professional blogger and blogging coach, John Paul Aguiar shares his guest post, "5 Simple Steps to Start … [Read more...]

How One Artist Created a Successful Art Campaign

matt leblanc abstract artist

Giving back to the community with the gift of art is a great way to benefit others as well as yourself. My good friend, abstract artist Matt LeBlanc, has shared some great articles with us in the past. However, this post is different and very inspiring. On his own, Matt has created a successful art campaign to raise money for a charity he believes in, the fight against cancer... Matt lost his sister to this heartless disease when she was only … [Read more...]




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